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Shatter the Dawn
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Welcome to Shatter the Dawn!

We are an established guild on Dalaran and we are constantly growing. We're a great group of fun-loving people who truly want to help new and established players alike find a great place to play. We welcome all players from all skill levels and are a new player friendly guild - regardless of those rumors you've heard about us :-p

We try to not take ourselves too seriously since, hey, this is a game :) Oh, don't let that concern you though because we are focused on both now (growing our guild strength) and later - having all the people we need to run end-game instances. From Ragefire Chasm to Molten Core to Black Temple to Ulduar and beyond, we ultimately want to be a guild known for getting it done. To that end, we need new players, we need good players, we need active players, and - in short - we need you.

If you want to have a blast while helping out people who are one big family and, all the while, running instances and taking it to the Alliance then consider us your home. Sign up today and have fun!

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