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VEI Takes number 1 for weekly rps!
Jan 17, 06 3:45 AM
Congrats Mong! RR8
Jan 17, 06 3:44 AM
Congrats Toap! RR5!
Jan 17, 06 3:44 AM
Domain Added
Oct 9, 05 9:00 AM
Congrats on ML1
Oct 9, 05 6:00 AM
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Welcome to Veritas Ex Ingenium

A guild dedicated to the defense of Hibernia and the
brotherhood of all her children.


11/01/05 - All you members check out the member page. We ran a picture contest for some laughs (we are laughing with you, Toap, not at you). Also after I recieved some much needed photos I updated the gallery. Be warned, it's not for the weak of heart. Don't be shy, everyone send more. Send any pics as .jpg files to

-  Since we have a new subscription for the web page (thanks Kaledor) there are a few more things we can do. I added a banner today (check the member forum for info about that) and we can have unlimited posts on the forums now. So don't be shy about posting. There was some confusion, I think, about an old post of arti raids. In order that no one else gets confused I deleted that post. Feel free to make a new one if there is any new info on arti raids pending. I will try to watch and remove old posts that are no longer applicable. Let me know if you see one that I miss.

I added a few links to the link section on the left. The "Herald DR Info" is a link to the (duh!) Herald DR section. It has pictures and some info (though not enough IMO) on mounts, sub-classing, and Champion weapons. It would be nice to have some basic info, such as how do you mount the silly horse and how do you get off and how to know how much Champion XP you have. Those were some of the questions I saw asked a lot on DR-day 1. The other link is an Excel spreadsheet with the subclassing trees. I think this is easier to read, but you do have to have Excel to open it. If you see any more sites with good info then post the url on the forum and I will make a link.

8/30/05 - We have seen a lot of changes over the months and it is time to play catch up. First thing you will notice is the new look. I changed the background and the colors a little. "Why?" you ask. To be honest, I probably look at this page more than anyone here and I just got tired of it. I needed something new. Since no one give me input (and you are all welcome to) I just picked.

I also made a few content changes. I replaced the old Chthulu Alliance links with new Collective Souls Alliance links. I also deleted some dead links.

In case anyone didn't get the memo, a lot of us have been playing Mids on Lamorak. The guild we formed there is Blitzkrieg and I added a Lamorak category in the Members Links. Currently it only has links to the Lamorak status and the Blitzkrieg page from the Herald. If you know of any other links you would like added then let me know.

As usual I can be reached at if you have anything you would like to contribute (content, not money) or any requests of things you would like to see.

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