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      SWTOR: (PVE) - Corellia Run Server - Shadow Lands Server
      Red Hand Sentinels (RHS): Traveling back through oceans of time; to a forgotten past, 2000 years BBY - during the reign of the Old Republic....An elite group of professionals...species from different worlds; with unique skills from combat to diplomacy, was secretly created.

Now with the onslaught of a Sith presence, the Red Hand Sentinels (RHS) have been summoned again. The original members called back into action. They have secretly been ordered by the Jedi High Council and Republic Senate to be reactivated, recruit new members & engage this new Sith uprising. In Millenia to come, it would be from these forefathers, that the future elite Red Hand Squadron (RHS) would be formed; to once again carry out their ideals. A noble calling for future generations of RHS soldiers; a calling that could never be silenced. 

      SWGEMU (PVE & RP)
      The Rebel Alliance Protectorate Tactical Operations Regiment (R.A.P.T.O.R), a tactical subdivision of (RHS); serves as the aggressive tip of the Alliance, 4 ABY.  Its mission: to train, validate, and prepare Rebel Force units to deploy and execute operational requirements for the Rebel war-machine. 

It is a smaller, more dynamic force than any other in the Rebel arsenal, and the only forward-deployed force designed for expeditionary operations.  Comprised of smart, highly adaptable individuals, it is their size and expertise that allows them to move faster.  Working to overcome disadvantage and turn conflict into victory, our Rebel units accomplish great things, and we do so together.


Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy (RP / PVP):
Attention Force-sensitive beings:  458 ABY, RPG-New Age open the sacred temple doors for those who wish to master the ways of the Jedi.  This
informative and detailed typed outline is composed of the creative writings and experience of Jedi on the server; since the launch of this game.  An original outline that has been shared on many servers; but with one unique twist.  The incorporation of instructional “Holocrons” (actual “in-game” holocrons) for each Padawan and Jedi Knight / Master in trials. This creates a cohesive outline for training at your own pace. Develop your abilities to maximum power.  It offers a mature atmosphere, weekly temple meetings, and an extensive maps, private website to expand your knowledge of the Jedi lore.  

Monthly story-driven content which is incorporate into an upgradable outline. Master & Padawan training units are carefully paired for maximum experience.  This is a great way to meet players from various clans and develop strong bonds of friendship...RPG New Age.  What an incredible way to meet quality players on a popular server and expand your understanding of the Force. Embrace your destiny. Unlock your potential.


Enlist on our teams for 2014...
Do the unthinkable with a group who values your commitment:

You're an adventurer, sleuth, innovative and independent team player.  If you have what it takes, you will join a galaxy-class brotherhood.

Petition to join a legacy that continues to grow.
Do you have what it takes to join this elite group?

Can you pass the training phases and join the legion vast?

May the Force be with you.           






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SWGEMU / SWTOR / JKA: 2014 Active Recruitment

Caesar' Darkstrider, Jan 4, 11 9:48 AM.

Welcome New Council Members

Bosessk, Mar 10, 09 2:15 PM.
Welcome new 2014 Council Members:    
SWGEMU - Chapter 
SWTOR - Chapter
JKA - Chapter
(Status: Active) - SWGEMU Chapter
(Status: Active) - SWTOR Chapter

(Status: Active)  - Jedi Knight / Jedi Academy Chapter

Board of Directors

Bosessk, Mar 10, 09 2:13 PM.
Events Dir.--TBA
Resource Dir--TBA
Security Dir.--TBA
HR Dir.-- TBA
Command Dir-TBA

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