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We are a fairly loose group with a lot of family players from around the world. We pve and do raids quite often. We also do a lot of rvr (but we're not really an 8v8 guild.) We were in the U.T. alliance on Albion, Bossiney (Lamorak, Ector, Gareth.) We have moved to the D.D. alliance on the same cluster. The core of our guild migrated from Northern Cross (Albion, Palomides.) 
We have deliberately tried to keep our guild small so that everyone knows each other. We do occasionally take new members, but we do require that they play with us for a while first. Don't bother asking the officers for invites (New members only).  The guild votes on applicants. People apply and group, then we vote. The more members you group with, the faster the vote goes.

The guild is set up so that every member gets to vote on any item of importance and the GMs are really only tie-breakers. This means that some issues must wait a while for a majority decision.

Remember, it's just a game.

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