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Other Guild News

Reworking the website

bobtheorc, Feb 14, 10 5:12 AM.
I'm reworking the website.  Yes it's taking a while to do because I have to work a lot... deal with it.  If you want to help, post something useful on the forums.


BC progression

bobtheorc, Jan 4, 08 10:41 PM.
Voidreaver Down 1-3008

Hydross also down, check date

Gruul down, check date

Shadows and Dust to form an alliance with Dark shock

zulemara, Sep 27, 07 12:11 PM.
Shadows and Dust is proud to announce an alliance with the guild Dark Shock for the purpose of 25 man content with Gruul and beyond.  More information is available in a sticky in the Shadows and Dust guild forum. 
 - Zule
P.S. We're still full of brilliant assholes

Ragnaros DEFEATED!

537953827_Inactive, Nov 13, 06 10:38 AM.

To Domo!

537953354_Inactive, Jun 12, 06 11:24 AM.
Sulfuron is now down and we all have left is Domo (which is tonight's hurdle).

I think we have the right strat, just need to kinda eek out the positioning for everything.  No matter how we fair tonight, I think it'll be worthwhile to continue getting to figure out for ourselves the where and how.

Golomag Down

bobtheorc, Jun 8, 06 8:45 AM.
Golomag is down.  We are now at domo's doorstep.  To defeat domo, we will need 5 buffed out tanks as well as 5 buffed out priests and druids.  Getting our people geared out is a high priority as well as working on our coordination as a group.

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