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Current Week
A lot of effort went into making Tuesdays group 2 ICC 10 man happen. We want to see it continue ofcourse. Its going to be upto each person who is interested in raiding. To inform people of there avalibility, and status. Please use this section of the website to relay information, so that people are not waiting around.

I and everyone else understand that real life has its part in all of our lives. lets try our best to keep others on track if we are going to be busy with other stuff.

Selfheal / Sld
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Weekly 10-Man Info
We have cleared up Sarafang.
ICC 10-Man Continued
Raid will continue Friday Night.

Myself "Selfheal" -Healer, and "Lilheaven" -Dps can not continue with fridays run. Please be online, and looking for guild and then outside guild raiders
Next Week
We need people to vote, and settle on a date/Time. Please Vote for both Polls.
10 Man ICC Date?
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