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Bob's Plan For The Week
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Ok, here's the plan.  Get to 80, run heroics and get gear, run a bunch of 10 mans and have fun.  We will get around to 25 mans when we have several successful 10 man groups.  This will be a more casual xpac cause we don't want to burn people out.  Just have a good time.  If you do want to raid, you need to have a full set of gear (item level 200 or better).  This is really easy to get... I did it.  Crafted + Heroics + Rep = easy epix... just like last time so no big suprise here.

(Emperor of Stormwind)

Bob Tells It How It Is

1.  Being disrespectful to each other and causing drama / trouble.

2.  Being stupid.  Do your homework before you talk about something that makes you look like a fool.

3.  People who cast blessing of protection on me while I'm trying to tank (unless someone I don't like is 2nd on agro)

4.  Murlocs.  I fucking hate them.  (except for the murloc costume or the baby one)

5.  Talking about the orc stun resist nerf.  Nothing pisses off a prot warrior like getting stunned and someone dying because of it.

6.  Griefing lowbies.  If I see someone camping a lowbie, i'll get a group of people and camp them for hours.

7.  People who brag about their dps and then suck.  If you do less damage than me and claim to be a dps class, you fucking suck and need to learn how to play.  I'm a prot warrior for crying out loud!

8.  People who say that defense is a waste of time in AV.  I promise i've done more av than you did back when it mattered and was the first horde on draenor to get my epic AV trinket.

9.  People who dot sheep.  I mean come on, no one cares if you get yourself killed for being a dumbass but don't kill the rest of the raid in the process.

10.  Lagging out in the middle of a boss fight.  That really sucks and I don't like it.

more later

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