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We use webdkp log dkp mostly for attendance purposes.  Dkp is not used when awarding items anymore but is a good way to see who has put in what effort during the first 3 years of SaD.

...Actually we are just too lazy to care about dkp.  We haven't bothered with it in years.  No biggie, it's not like you'll read it anyway :P


Required Mods


Deadly Boss Mods

Stuff We Need
We are currently needing:

A good supply of flasks, raid food, and healing / mana potions are always helpful for raids.  If you can assist with the collection of these items or the mats to make these items, that would be appreciated.

Any further questions about mats should be directed to Zechs the raid coach. 
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Raid Team Members
What Makes Someone A Raid Team Member?

Raid Team members are players who wish to raid consistently with Shadows and Dust.  Raid Team members are skilled players who cooperate with each other to learn the fights and have a good time.  They put forth effort to gear themselves appropriately and help their teammates as well.

We select Raid Team members based upon their gear, their skill, their available raid times, and whether or not we enjoy raiding with them.  Raid Team members are good people to ask for advice if you wish to improve your ability.

Our current raiding goals are to build 2-3 successful 10 man raiding groups and eventually build up our 25 man core team.  To this end, we will spend the next few months getting people into shape and perhaps a bit of recruiting.  We would prefer all Raid Team members have 2 useful specs / characters so that no matter who is available on a given night, we can build a successful group.  Characters fit into 3 categories: Tank, Healer, DPS.  Please pick two different categories and be good at it.  Real life comes first, however, and we understand that many people simply don't have the time to properly outfit a second spec or an alt.

By late spring or early summer, we hope to have a solid 25 man group again.  In the mean time, feel free to pug and represent yourself in a professional manner.  Remember that Raid Team members do not need to be members of SaD and there are many good pugs out there who may wish to take part in our progress.

Finally, please don't talk smack about other players unless you are actually good at it.  If you make yourself look like an idiot while trying to insult someone, we will all just make fun of you so play it safe and act mature if you wish to raid with us.

Loot System Explanation
Our Loot System Is Very Simple.  If You Don't Like It, Don't Raid With Us!

All loot is distributed on an officer decision basis.  In nearly every case, we random the gear among those who are interested.  The raid leader will master loot the raid.  Mats collected during the raid will go to the guild bank for the purpose of progressing our raid team.  Gear dropped from bosses will be given to those who will best benefit the overall raid progression which means main spec before off spec.  We farm the dungeons over and over again so eventually everyone will get their gear.  Just because you have a blue or green does not mean you deserve to get an upgrade (actually, if you are in a blue or green, you probably shouldn't be raiding with us anyway).  Instead, we believe you deserve to have farmed real raiding gear before showing up to our raid and should consider yourself fortunate that we even brought you along :P  Core Raid Team members will always have priority on the loot.  Also keep in mind that we have several people who are considered Core Raid Team members even though they are not in SaD.  Deal with it... they are probably more consistent on our raids than you are.

As a rule, we follow a simple plan of gearing Tanks, then Healers, then DPS (unless we are lacking in a particular department.  The logic is simple:  The tougher the tanks are, the easier it is to kill a boss.  The tougher the healers are, the easier it is to keep the tanks and raid alive.  Dps is very important, but as long as we have enough, we will be ok.  Our goal is to make the acquisition of loot as easy as possible for everyone and if that means gearing up the Core Raid Team members that make raiding possible, then that's how we're going to do it.

Also consider that some of us have put in over 1000 hours in raids over the years.  We are not trying to look down on your individual achievements, but rather are simply giving you a chance to earn a place beside the veterans that have held the guild together for the last 5+ years.

Raiding Behavior
Players are expected to show up on time and prepared for raids unless real life situations prevent them.  If you are online and doing something else when it is time to start the scheduled raid, you will not be guaranteed a spot.

Players are expected to behave maturely and responsibly on our raids.  Most of our raiders are over 25 and do not appreciate childish behavior, whining, bickering, or other unprofessional behavior.  You will be removed without exception if you do not conduct yourselves to our standards. You are not not guaranteed a warning before your removal.

Players are expected to not go AFK in excess.  If you have to step away from your computer for more than 30 seconds, let us know before hand.  We all have real life situations that require us to be AFK.  Real life comes first, but your obligations to your team mates require a warning of some sort.  There will be scheduled break times in our raids so everyone can step away for a moment.

Players are expected to keep idle talk to a minimum on Ventrilo so the raid officers can give instructions.  There will be times that we ask players to call out certain situations like debuffs and timers.  This is not an open invitation to talk about anything other than your raid responsibilities.  Feel free to use wispers, party chat, and private channels for non-raid communication.  Raid chat is for important messages only.  Failure to follow these rules will result in being muted or removed.

Players are expected to respect the raid officers and those put in charge of certain responsibilities.  We don't care if you like them or not and we don't care if you disagree with what they are doing.  Complaints will be reviewed by the officers when time permits - usually on raid breaks or after the raid - and never in raid chat.  Combat is never a time to complain.

Players are expected to stick with the raid for the scheduled time or leave the raid on good terms.  ("My mom wants me to get off" or "I have to go to work" are considered good terms).  If you leave on bad terms, you will not recieve credit for the raid and may not be invited back.  ("I hate this guy, so I'm leaving" is considered bad terms).

We understand that not everyone will like each other but we expect people to un-ignore each other for the raids.  If people can't behave during a raid, they will be removed and you can ignore them again.  Muting people on Ventrilo is acceptable as long as they aren't one on the people giving instructions.  This is discouraged but we also understand that some people's mics generate wierd noises.  If people can't control their input or are having sound problems, they will be muted for everyone's benefit.

There are some situations where we switch people in and out of raids for class balance.  This can also occur if we are trying out a potential recruit and want to get a feel for how they play.  If a switch is required, we will often ask for volunteers.  If no volunteers come forward, someone will be chosen to volunteer.  People stepping out under these circumstances will still recieve credit for the raid.

If you aren't sure about a rule, ask someone who has been here a while.
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Core Raiders
Here is a list of core Raid Team members:

We are in the process of rebuilding our core raid team.  Members will be chosen based on gear, skill, consistency, and whether we like raiding with you or not.

Core Members
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