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Mission Statement

Shadows and Dust provides a casual guild environment while maintaining a serious raid team.  We do not expect to progress as fast as hard core raiding guilds since we don't intend to spend our whole life in front of the computer.  That said, when we do raid, we expect to work hard and push to down the boss while having a good time and enjoying each other's company.
Rules And Obligations

Shadows and Dust has undergone significant changes to take better advantage of the expansion.  Our goal is to provide everyone with a fair opportunity to participate in what we are doing.  This fair opportunity is NOT a free ride.  Everyone will be expected to follow our rules and participate positively and not be a burden on your fellow guild mates.


1.  Real Life Comes First:
We expect everyone to have a life outside of the game that is more important than the game.  People who only have the game become obsessed and cause too much drama because they have no sense of reality.  No one will ever be penalized for dealing with their real life.  On the other hand, we expect people to be respectful of other people's real life as well.

2.  Respect Each Other:
We expect everyone in the guild to treat each other with respect.  If you don't understand what respect is, then you don't have what it takes to be one of us.

3.  Help Each Other For Common Benefit:

We expect everyone to work together for the overall benefit of the guild and players.  This does not mean we expect you to be a slave to the guild, but rather keep your guild mates in mind as you have the means to assist.  Keep as a priority the overall progress of the guild and guild mates.

4.  Be An Independent And Self Motivated Person:
This is a new rule since we figured it was common sense.  Just because we help each other does not mean we will do everything for each other.  We expect players to work towards improving themselves and assemble their own groups bringing in people from outside of guild if need be.  It is rude to expect someone to drop what they are doing just cause you need help with your alt. 

Raiding will be important, but we will not sacrifice people's enjoyment or respect just to down a boss.  That said, we will not pull along dead weight either.  People wanting to raid are required to show up on time and fully prepared to raid.  If you are not geared up enough with your basic gear to participate as an equal, it would be disrespectful and unfair to expect your guild mates to carry your weight for you.  We expect you to play because you enjoy playing with your friends in the guild, not because you think you can get phat lootz from participating in the guild.  The loot will come as it comes, but is a low priority compared to everyone having a good time and progressing overall as a guild.

Virus and Spyware Removal

There is a free online virus scan at  (Just look on the left side of the home page about 3/4 of the way down)

Spybot search and destroy is very good at getting rid of keyloggers and other spyware.  You can get that at and search for "spybot"

Malwarebytes is another good anti-spyware program and you can find them with a google search.

Adaware is another good anti-spyware program and that can also be downloaded from and search for "adaware"

Finally I recomend one of the authenticators that blizzard sells.  They are very usefull for protecting your account.

If you do get hacked, please post on the forums or get a message to an officer so we can put your character in the failboat to prevent the hacker from looting our guild bank


General Information
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