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NEW Skills and abilitys!
Apr 23, 02 6:22 PM
Darkness Falls
Apr 10, 02 2:49 PM

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What next?

, Oct 13, 02 10:16 PM.
Well, after my long and unplanned absence, I returned to a near empty and dead guild. The nerf to smite clerics was partially responsible of course, and I can't help but think that Tristan has too small a population to support the all-cleric guild dream. You may notice that we have some non-cleric classes in the guild now. I guess the question is do we end things now by merging with a larger guild, or do we open Sacred Hammer up to all classes and start a recruiting drive? Thoughts would be appreciated :)

NEW Skills and abilitys!

Deleted User, Apr 23, 02 6:22 PM.
All new skills and abilitys system being put into effect based on Realm Points earned. Check it out here: Synnyn

All Cleric Keep Raid

, Apr 22, 02 10:51 PM.
Well, Much chatting about this has finally led up to the big event! We now have a number of guest clerics lined up and ready to go. Sagx has discovered that he can build a ram and everything :) I unfortunately used all of my ram parts on the past weekend's relic raids etc, so now need to order some more. If you feel the urge to buy some ram parts yourself, please feel free! Wood needs to be elm wood. Go check out the forums and the members section as well for additional info on the raid.

Darkness Falls

Deleted User, Apr 10, 02 2:49 PM.
Brave Clerics from our guild dove into Darkness Falls last night, and searched for the Glacial Hammer in a new Albion quest. For full details see the Forums

***We're now a subscriber guild -so add as much news as you like!***

, Apr 6, 02 2:10 AM.
Go on, surely I'm not the ONLY one who talks in this guild??
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