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Dark Knights of Camelot is continously recruiting new players. We are mostly an RvR guild but are members of a diverse Alliance so all types of players are welcome. We are happy to have any class in the game, however are always short of clerics and minstrels.
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Guilds Facing Removal from the Alliance

Luvly, Oct 8, 15 1:09 AM.
Hi Folks:

As most of you know our alliance is currently full, but we do have some guilds asking to join.  Because of this, I will be removing non-active guilds and replacing them with more active guilds.  Any of the folks in the guilds I remove will of course always be welcome to run with us, or you can join one of the more active guilds that will remain in the alliance.

I have used the Herald as my guideline and only chose guilds that have almost no active players in Albion.  If you would like to speak to me before I remove your guild, I'm in the game most days and check here for mail daily.

Angry Clean Up Crew - 0 current players
Heathen's Wrath - 0 current players
The Legion - 2 current players
Warrior's of Hades - 2 current players
The Black Knights - 4 current players
Riders on the Storm - 4 current players

If you are currently recruiting to rebuild numbers, please let me know.  Otherwise, as an active guild wants to join, I will be removing the above guilds.  

Ventrilo Server Contributions

Luvly, Jun 9, 15 10:20 PM.
If you would like to help a bit with paying for our vent server annual fee, below is a link to paste in your browser that will take you to the Typefrag donation page for this server.

The money goes straight to the annual payment.

*********************LOTTO SORTER FOR MONDAY NITE MADNESS********************

Luvly, Feb 21, 13 9:00 PM.

Dark Knights Vent Changes

Luvly, Aug 16, 12 1:51 AM.
Dark Knights Vent Server now has clearly marked channels regarding the type of censorship in each channel. There is one PvE channel and 3 RvR channels marked as child friendly. Those channels will be like our /as chat in that they are to remain PG 13 and free of anything you would not want to say in front of your child/mother/boss!

There is one clearly marked channel called Adults ONLY and the comment says there is NO censorship. The BG leader for the nite will select the channel he or she wishes to run their BG in and that channel will be respected by all players. Please understand that we still do not permit derogatory comments or any form of racism in this alliance no matter what channel you are in.

If the leader chooses a child friendly channel and an individual decides to challenge that by making inappropriate comments, they will be given one warning. If a second infraction occurs they will be globally muted so that they can no longer speak in vent.

If the leader chooses the Adults only channel and someone finds the language offensive, that person can either mute the offender they don't want to listen to, or run with another BG.

I would like to reiterate, for the most part we are all adults here and sometimes in the heat of the moment things are blurted out. However, as adults it is really not necessary to say every stupid or vulgar thing that pops into ones' head, especially considering that to talk in vent, you have to make the actual decision to push a button before speaking. 

****************DKOC ALLIANCE BATTLEGROUP RULES**********

Luvly, Aug 11, 11 7:43 PM.
Now that our alliance is in full swing and we get going in RvR pretty quick every nite, I thought I would AGAIN post what the requirements are to run in our battlegroup each nite.  Make sure your toon meets the FOLLOWING CRITERIA and is ready to go BEFORE RvR each nite.  There are reasons for these requirements and if you have a new toon not ready to meet them, /who BG will show you battlegroups with no requirements.

1.  Level 50 toon .   Toons below level 50 attract aggro and slow down the BG.  Generally speaking people that play stealthers are off doing their own thing and do not play in a group friendly style.  If you are bringing a stealth toon, please play in a group friendly fashion and do things that are helpful for the BG.  A big plus is an infiltrator that can take down speed warps and siege as well as a scout using volley.

2.  Decent RvR template.  Templates don't need to be perfect, but running without adequate protection will make it difficult for your healing classes to keep you alive and be no fun for you.

3.  Long Wind 1.  This costs 1 realm point and is a MUST for our BG.  We always sprint when moving.

4.  Improved draught of invigoration - Multiple pots on all RvR toons. - You need this to be able to sprint.  Having a pally in your group does not negate this requirement as that person may not be with you, be out of range, be dead or go link dead.

5.  Greater Neried Potion - Multiple pots on all RvR toons.  Having a sojourner in your group does not negate this requirement as the person may not be with you or go link dead.

6.  All the siege you can carry without being encumbered if you lose your buffs.  If you lose buffs and are glued to the ground - you die. Remember /bank now allows you access to you personal bank vault.  We would like for people to also bring trebs, cats, tents and materials for siege towers.  Siege towers are built with 600+ in siege craft and 200 ironwood and 100 aloy bars in your bag.

7.  You must use VENTRILO - you only need to be able to listen, so if your mic doesn't work, that's ok.

8.  All Minstrels should be ML 10 SOJOURNERS**.  I have been making every effort to get a minstrel in each group and there is nothing more satisfying than knowing when you are outnumbered you can simply port out of the situation.  A minstrel warlord in our BG is not useful. If we need to port out the entire group that has a warlord minstrel cannot port out.  This is a big disadvange to that group.  Nobody wants to have 2 minstrels in a group because one is a warlord.  Our tanks should really be the warlords.  All toons should carry a scroll of recall.  If your mini dies or runs away (like I do), this can save you.

** I am going to add that being a sojourner is no longer as important as it used to be.  If you don't have a mini or that mini is dead, every one of your RvR toons should have a supply of scrolls of recall.  These scrolls can be purchased from the infernal merchants when they are up and also from housing.  They can be your best friend to make a quick escape.

9. FRIARS - do your best to get Static Tempest as soon as possible.

10. WARLORDS - you have to be able to DEPLOY siege.  While I appreciate people making warlords since we are often short, if you can't deploy it makes it very time consuming to have someone else drop the siege, nobody load the ram, switching around drivers etc.  Also, although minstrels and clerics can be a warlord this will adversely affect a group.  Make sure your group knows that you are a warlord and will accept the consequences.

11.  CONVOKERS - Classes that can have pets or people that MOSTLY PLAY OPEN FIELD should be convokers.

12.  STORMLORDS - All ice wizards should always spec as stormlords.  Also, classes that don't have a need for an ML 10 pet, such as a body sorc or a theurgist can spec either way depending on play style.

13.  HEROISM POTS/SUPREMACY POTS - Please make sure you have some of these pots available to use.  When we are in the heat of battle, it is very difficult for your healing classes to stop healing and start buffing.  In the time it takes to buff you, other people have died.  Use one of these pots and continue fighting.  Get rebuffed after the fight.

14.  HORSE WITH SADDLE - Please make sure you have a horse with the appropriate saddle so that you will always have mini speed.  To check for the correct saddle click on your horse info and look for the +54% bonus to speed.  That will give you minstrel speed.
A few of other things that have come up:

A.  If you need buffs find your clerics.  Clerics CANNOT heal and move or buff and move, so in order to keep people alive they have to stand still.

B.  CLERICS - you must get toons buffed asap, even if it's aoe buffs.  Casters require both dexes and brain and melee types require strength, con and str/con to be of any use whatsoever.  Also always cast your resists when running from place to place.  That way they don't generally drop during a fight.

C.  MINSTRELS - cast your water breath OFTEN.  Anytime you see water, cast it.  You may have forgotten that a person in your group was not with the group or had died in a fight and no longer has water breath.  Don't wait for your timer to be up before you cast water breath.

D.  ALL PLAYERS - if people in your group have died recently, don't run out and take a ton of damage.  It's very likely your clerics are trying to buff and cure rez sickness on these players and can't do everything.


If you are watching TV, taking care of your kids, cooking dinner, picking the lint out of your belly button, or shaving your back hair, please go and do that, disband and leave the battlegroup.  It is extremely UNFAIR to make 25 - 30 people either wait, loop or literally come back to die because you were not paying attention, don't have pots or didn't listen to what was being said in vent.  

Alliance Rules Reminder

Luvly, May 20, 05 6:21 PM.
Just a friendly reminder as to what the alliance rules are.  They have been expanded and revised and updated and are as follows:


1. This alliance is representative of a diverse group of players. As a member of this alliance it is your duty to respect the freedom of choice that the game offers and to accept the fact that what you wish to do on any given day may be different from the wishes of another alliance member.

 2. Alliance Channel - There will be no obscenities, racial slurs, inflamatory remarks or inappropriate discussions held in the alliance chat channel

3. If you are asked to cease a discussion that someone finds offensive, cease, don't argue or name call. All such requests will be made in private tells and not in the alliance channel. If you do not comply with any GM asking you to stop, then /as privileges may be revoked.

4. The alliance channel will be used as a method of communication between guilds. If a discussion starts to become too involved or intense between just a few people, please make a chat group to continue.

5. Please let Luvly/Roxayn know if there is a guild interested in joining our alliance.  We make every effort to keep our alliance vibrant for all types of play styles.  

These rules are found on our homepage in the General Information section under the About DKoC heading.  If anything changes you will see the changes there.

Please review these rules and make sure that you are abiding by them.


How to Become a Member of this Guild and Register for These Boards

Luvly, Mar 18, 05 5:22 PM.
In order to join the Dark Knights of Camelot, you must first register on this website.  Once you have done that please go into the game and contact any member of DKOC and we will get you into the guild.

Here is the explanation of how to gain access to these pages. 

1.  The first step is to go to 
and create a LOGIN  ID using a name that is either your main in game name or as close as you can get so we can recognize you. 


2.  Then return to this board and at the top left you will see a section that says JOIN THE DARK KNIGHTS OF CAMELOT.  Click there and follow the steps. 

3.  After that you come into the game and contact Luvly (if you don't see her online send a tell to any member of the Dark Knights of Camelot and they will forward your request to her).

Only then can you be approved for these boards.

It may seem like a lot of steps but we are doing our best to keep these boards secure. 

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