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Dark Knights of Camelot is continously recruiting new players. We are mostly an RvR guild but are members of a diverse Alliance so all types of players are welcome. We are happy to have any class in the game, however are always short of clerics and minstrels.
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Forums : Alliance Shared Forum > Long time comming
Ogererg (Member) 1/10/2012 6:57 PM EST : Long time comming

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I'll try to not make this too long..

I want to start by saying its been awhile since i loged in / talked to anyone since that mess up... We are all human we all make mistakes we all learn from them and move on... I screwed up that night when a kid asked in alliance for a person and not knowing he was a kid and the new rules i wasnt aware of said some content that a kid didnt need to see... Not knowing of how people will take it i am going stop there and those who knows about this.. i am sorry... Everyone in dkoc and the alliance are always to this day my friends... I truely miss playing with everyone.. Who wouldnt miss playing with solicfire in ml10? or the time when the mids tried wiping us... during that was frustrating but now looking back were good times... Theres alot of good memories i can think of including luvly, cdpl, deedea, tavlones, cant forget customcleric (he would tell me later), and many more (family).... Overall, i learned from that mistake and to watch what you say / type before you say it / post it... and to be more respectful you might just regret the aftermath!

        I hope no one who witness that night takes my actions as a grudge... I hope everyone had a great holiday and a great to this date and to the future new year... We all need it this year and many more!!

  if i would come back is there anyone that does not want me back in the alliance or guild?



Luvly (SuperAdmin) 1/11/2012 1:03 AM EST : RE: Long time comming
Dark Knights of Camelot
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Nobody here holds a grudge and I'm glad you learned from your mistake.  Send a tell to CDPL or me in the game and we will get you back in our guild. 
Lord of the Dark Knights

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