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Sinnocent Appointed New Roleplaying Team Lead

Kkael, Aug 4, 06 10:05 AM.
Well, they couldn't have made a better choice.  Today our own Sinnocent was appointed as the new Roleplaying Team Lead.  This is the most influential position held by any player as pertaining to roleplaying, and will give her the opportunity to work toward changes on a large scale.  Sin has her work cut out for her, for sure, but those of us that know her will have no doubt as to her success.  So gamers, lurkers, roleplayers, make sure you offer your congrats to Sinnocent!

Council of Hibernia wins Best Roleplaying Site!

Sariden, Mar 17, 06 11:09 AM.
The Council of Hibernia has been given the award for Best Roleplaying Website of 2006 by the Camelot Herald!

Thanks to Viella for nominating the site, and thanks to everyone who has participated here over the years. I'm not surprised at all that the best bunch of roleplayers anywhere would result in an award-winning website. You guys are great!


All-Ages-Hunt: 12-29-2005 - Bres! Follow-Up

larriss, Dec 30, 05 11:44 AM.
So this week we had a fairly small group comprising of myself, several from the Harbingers (thank ye for yer continued support of the hunt!), and a random ranger who joined us at the last minute.

We met in the capitol, and headed over to the Demon Prison where we faced bres and his two brothers as well as Eternal Greed. This all went very quickly, (though I tried to drag it out a bit byt wandering more than was necessarly. :) and I do not believe we had any fatalities while within the prison at all. The brothers were dropped in rapid succession and then Bres was found and defeated very quickly.

We then returned to Tir na Nog and reported to the king where one final matter was dealt with once we reported to the Seneschal. Several including myself were then rewarded with special weapons from the king.

A few other matters were loked at, but after a bit of debate it was decided that we could not with a group as small as ours take on the next portion of the King's tasks and go tofind the Circle of Five. I would very much like to pursue that in the future though, perhaps doing a alternate hunt to the All-Ages-Hunt some week where we can gather the folks necessary to pursue that through to a end.

So having gone as far as we could we headed off to Aerus Haven to help a with a couple quests there involving statues (Cloudsong artifact quests) and wondered about a bit, where we found a sage just north of the border lake that I had needed to talk to about some coins.

This next week we may pursue that farther, so if any are wanting to get ready, ye should look into "The Search for the Seven Coins" Quest (Level Requirement:  Level 49) and gather anything ye may be needing ahead of time. For those not of age to partake in the quest itself, have no worries as there will still be plenty for ye to do learn and see. I will post more on that shortly though. :)
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