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Guild Charter    

1) Roleplay: We are a roleplay oriented guild.  It is expected that you be interested in Roleplay before applying to this guild.  We ask that Out of Character (OOC) Chatter be accompanied with (( BLAH BLAH)) within guildchat to keep the feel of roleplay present.  If you are unsure of what exactly roleplay is, or how it works please feel free to contact a member for an explanation.

2) Guild Conduct:  It is expected that you conduct yourself as an adult.  Cursing, swearing or belittling a person outside of roleplay will not be tolerated.  While in character, try to keep the use of foul language to a minimal, there are children that play this game.  We do however understand that tensions may run high between two characters; as long as it is kept within the bound of roleplay nasty attitudes may be accepted if it is your persona. If you encounter somone whose behavior offends you, please contact an officer and let them handle it. It may help to have a screenshot to show what was said if possible.

3) Grouping: We urge our members to form roleplay oriented groups.  Of course you will not be expected to roleplay in a non-roleplay group that we leave up to you and your play style.  But within guild groups, that are designated as roleplay, you will be required to roleplay.

4) Allies: We are allied with The Fellowship of the Golden Night (FotGN), The Order of the Sword and Rose (OSR), and The Dawnswords. Your allies are to be treated like your brethren. If any member of these groups asks for help, try to make yourself available. If a member of an allied group offends, try and work it out, if not, then contact an officer and let us deal with it. It would be nice to introduce yourself on their repective websites as well. The links are posted on our homepage.

5) Voice Chat: You may use Voice chat to roleplay if that is your preferred means.  Or you can simple use the text if you like.  Within voice chat tries to keep your OOC to a minimal so the feeling of roleplay is present.

6) Non Guild Groups and Encounters:  As with guild, you are expected to conduct yourself as an adult.  Belittling, offensive language and harassment will not be tolerated.  Should you fall victim to this behavior please contact an officer and let them deal with it for you.  We feel that it is better to let an outside party handle the situation calmly to keep both parties from violating Turbine's Code of Conduct.

7) The Forums: You are expected to register with the forums and add your name to the roster.  Please try to keep your characters up to date. 

8) Loot:  Whenever possible offer your items to a guildmate first; we strive to be a family oriented tight knit guild.  Should you ever find yourself in need of an item, there is a section within the guild website to post those needs.

9) God/Meta Gaming: This tyoe of behavior will not be tolerated. Your character does not know every language nor can he/she kill everything or everyone. Your fighter is not more intelligent then a wizard and your wizard is not stronger then a fighter. Please keep the type of character your playing in mind when roleplaying. If there are any questions, please contact Turen.

10) Most Important: HAVE FUN!  We are all here to relax and get away from the stress of real life. 

Thank you for your interest in Crimson Nexus and we hope you find your stay with us pleasant and enjoyable.

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