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538387760_Inactive (Associate) 2/17/2007 3:19 AM EST : Tonight is the Fashion Show!

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Tonight is the night for the Fashion Show! Show starts at 7pm EST.

I know there may be some of you out there who are not inclined to attend such an event because it is only a light RP event. But may I just offer this to inspire:

Public events like these - despite having PUGers and OOCers - are actually a nice back drop for very in character interaction. How often do you get the chance to 'blend into the masses' on server? Events such as these are a great place to

- Have meetings between characters on neutral ground
- Start a mystery. . . maybe something happens to someone coming to/going from the show
- Mingle with other RPers in a non stressful environment.
- Have assassinations. . . maybe there is someone plotting to kill someone during the show, and you have to find them and stop them (despite there being no pvp in public space.... one way around this is to challenge the would be Assassin, but move your combat over to the Open Palm to determine if you thwart them or not)
- Have an excuse to strike up a conversation with people that you otherwise might feel hokey about doing so.
- Make your story more well known. You'd be amazed how far hear-say will go. Something you say at this event might come back to haunt you way later when you least suspect it on your next quest run!

So have fun, and hope to see some of you there!


538609337_Inactive (Associate) 2/17/2007 11:50 AM EST : RE: Tonight is the Fashion Show!
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Sorry for the late reply...I would have been there if at all possible.  I left Sunday morning around 7am and am just now getting being 8pm the following Saturday hehe.

Hope it went well!
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Stergo Sweetsong (Applicant) 2/17/2007 1:18 PM EST : RE: Tonight is the Fashion Show!

Stergo Sweetsong
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I did want to attend myself but alas my mom headed of to mexico and I have to be stuck staying at her house watching her dogs so they don't get cold or lonely???   She has two seymoyeds(I spelled it wrong I know) and she is affraid they are gona get cold if I don't stay up here so they can spend the nights inside.  So instead of making my mom unhappy I am stuck in the mountains with a terrible dial up connection I am lucky I can even view websites.  I will be back online in like two weeks maybe for a day or two sooner then that. sorry to go afk so long after just joining the guild a few days ago.

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