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Hakuro de Killer (Associate) 12/4/2009 3:47 AM EST : Good evening.

Hakuro de Killer
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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am the illustrious Hakuro de Killer, a pleasure to make your acquaintances. I have only recently been in Eberron for naught but a week and I find myself fascinated with the game's inner workings. However, I do find something... lacking within the confines of the game. Surely, it must be a grasp of storyline! A feeling of relevance and importance to some greater plot! This is why I turn to you, the Crimson Nexus, to help me fulfill this desire. In return, I will lend you my talents and my loyalty as a fellow guild member. I do try to stick to my character's personalities rather than with my own, so be sure not to expect me to be as... eloquent with my vernacular as I am now when I am within Eberron, for my current character is a Dwarven Fighter who tends to find enjoyment in alcoholism and pleasure in sharpening his great axe on anything that would dare cross his path on a quest... or at least to the nearest barrel of ale.

So I conclude my introductions and await your response at my application to this organization of literate adventurers. Ciao!

The act of drinkin' a pint o' ale. It's not as simplistic as merely chuggin' it all down as fast as ye can. Thar's an art form to it! Ye gotta bend yer knees, brace yerself, and let the liquor overtake yer entire body. That's a MAN'S way to get buzzed! Zehahaha!
Characters: Barexin Boozebeard

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