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Mar 19, 08 9:02 AM
Turen Stormwind
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Sho Drizzin
Lhazaar, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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He was an orphan born with the Dragonmark of Shadow. he has the blood line of Thuranni. He is a heir to the Family thron.

Other than that, he is homeless. Does not know where the Thuranni family lives, and is a breed of dishoner. A high elf mixed with dark elf.(Wild barbaric elves)

Later on in his life he met up with two people. Jack Black. And Maria Keep. The formed an alliance and a friendship. The became the best merc group ever. A few years after they met, they did something to their eyes that made them that good. Some say they got the eyes of a demon. They are so darn close, but not quite. For none know exactly what they did to their eyes. What ever they did, had brought them a cursed gift. They were the Lavenders.

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Alignment: Neutral Class: Rogue
Level: 7.4 Race: Elf
Sub-Class: None Sub-Class 2: None

Awarded Medals: None

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