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The Knights Templars
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Creed of The Knights Templars

Below is the creed of the Knights Templars. Please read it because we take it very seriously and require all of our Knights to do the same. We feel that because of this we are a tight knit group of people who really care about and support each other.
My hope is that as you read this, you will remember what it is to play a game with people who respect each other; who know how to laugh and not take the game too seriously; and who are there to watch your back when and if you need it. We are not a guild that will power level you, provide you with gold or high end items, or supply a constant body to quest/play with. Guildies will often group with each other and are encouraged to help each other when possible - but it is neither required nor expected to help people who are demanding, always needy, or do not help others in return.

If this sounds like something you can live with, I hope that you will join us.

First and foremost, our belief in honour upholds, sustains, and guides us. Honour encompasses many things including Honesty, Kindness, Fairness, and Willingness to Help. Our sense of honour will guide us in our actions, our interactions, and in every decision we make as players:
This is the single most important trait in our guild, and we will not tolerate dishonorable people to stand among our number.

We are a family oriented guild. Because we are a mature guild, offering a haven for the mature player away from all of the petty squabbles that plague most guilds, we focus on family.
We have many couples and many close friends. This is a place where families can feel safe to bring the people closest to them without fear of drama or chaos. We do not allow abusive or foul language, we do not allow open conflict. Like in most families, if there is a disagreement, we deal with things as diplomatically and as fairly as possible.

Our guild is a place for ALL players. We have heavy raiders/instance people; we have people who mainly do pvp; we have people who just jump in the game for fun with no specific goals; and we all manage to fit together just fine. We will never tell you how you need to play...that will always be up to each individual and their specific gaming needs. If you can abide by the Honour and Family guidelines above, you are fully accepted as one of us. 
The KT will never demand that anyone do a certain number of instances or log a certain number of hours. We will never work to power level people or force them into certain armour or specs. We, instead, encourage everyone to play at their *own* level and speed, enjoying what they choose to enjoy.
We have allied with a few other guilds, some for their highly competitive and "hardcore" end game instance running, others for a larger and more varied pool of skilled players to draw groups from. We accept both extremes and everyone in between.
We are a guild that doesn't look for good players... we look for good *people*. We are The Knights Templars.

The Knights Templars

Some Common Do's and Dont's

Contribute ideas
Join in the chat on /g
Group with other members for quests etc.
Have fun here!
Get geared and keyed up so you can run the fun stuff with your guildies!
Ask officers to help if you have an *impossible* difference in ideas with another guildie

Use inappropriate language on /g
Spam help requests in /g
Harass, belittle, act in a threatening manner, etc. to other guildies
Ask for Gold from any other guild members
JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS! We talk out our problems here!


Other Guild News

BWD 10

Polyhymnia6, Jul 17, 11 11:17 PM.
Sunday's BWD run resulted in the downing of a new boss for us, Maloriak. 
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