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Nanook the Newb
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Saints Will
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The Laonidas
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All of us at the Crimson Moon would like to thank you for your interest in our super group. First off I want to make you aware of the new user/ join Crimson Moon buttons right at the top of the web page. You will need to create a new account or flag your existing GP account to gain access to the web site as a whole. A large majority of the web pages on the site you will not see until you are a full member.
        We maintain a large base that includes all teleporters in game; we also have fully stocked enhancement tables and inspiration tables. These are all for our members use and you will be able to track the inventory directly on the website using some of our member only features. No one in the super group should ever ask you to be in super group mode unless you join a team that is specifically set up to earn prestige. No one will ever ask you to buy prestige either if they do let an officer know immediately that is not how we operate. We earn our prestige through teaming and taskforces never through buying.

        If this all sounds good to you then we would love to have you join but before joining however there are some rules you will need to know that we enforce heavily in our super group:

1) Have fun, you pay 15 bucks a month to do so, make sure that you are. If you’re not having fun with us, the door is always open for you to leave and return; nothing's final unless you make it so. We want you guys to have fun and enjoy your time in the super group and game.

2) No shit talking SG members, coalition members, or anyone else in PvP zones or in regular zones. As a Crimson Moon member we expect you guys to show respect to your fellow players. Treat others how you want to be treated basically.

3) Do not expect or ask for power levels. If it’s offered, feel free to jump on the bandwagon, however no one is paying 15 bucks a month to power level your toons all day.

4) Don’t bug officers for promotions! We do not operate on a prestige/level/or influence donation system. Our officers have dedicated their time to helping the super group in various ways in game and out of game. We are a family here and we operate as one, always show respect and honor NO MATTER WHAT! That’s how you get promos.

5) Have fucking FUN!!! This is the most important rule memorize it.

        As you can see we don't have many rules but the ones we do have are important. If everything sounds good to you please get in contact with one of the officers on the left hand side of the screen and apply to join the site and we will try to get you set up and integrated as soon as possible.

        Here's a bit of history on the group for those curious. The super group was formed prelaunch in Heroes closed beta by myself Kaoru Nan'Drak, we have been an active force on the justice server ever since, taking part in everything the game has had to offer from PVP to taskforces. We have three super group leaders and only three Kaoru Nan'Drak, Nursette, and Vampire Lestat.

       We have spent all our time, since our founding by Kaoru, being totally invested to our super group members. We are dedicated to teaching and training our members and providing any and all information and help we can to our members.

We hope to see you in game and welcome you to The Crimson Moon!


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