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Deleted User (Applicant) 1/15/2004 5:54 PM EST : 52 Shadowknight (Quinnwuey) seeking entry into your G...

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Hi my name is Quinn (Quinnwuey on Eq) and im looking to apply to a good guild, i previously was in Epitaph of Twilight until recently i logged on and the entire guild was decimated.
Race:Dark Elf

Class and Path:Shadowknight, Slayer hopefully

Master Class:not yet


Location and Timezone:Youngstown, Ohio EST

Play times: Anywhere from 2:50 1:00 a.m. on weekdays, and all times on weekends

Previous Guilds:Epitaph of Twilight, Crypt Keepers, Dark Angels

Why did you join them? I had many friends in Dark Angels, Yuri, Dragondante, and many others. Crypt Keepers was just a random thing i did for 2 days to help out some lower level characters in the ToK region. Epitaph of Twilight was also another issue where i joined due to having many friends in the guild. Also EOT was very active in raids which was a good plus.

Why did you leave them?EOT's members were all gone when i logged on after a week of absence due to christmas vacationing.I left crypt keepers so that i could apply for this guild. And Dark Angels also lost its activeness and members over the course of an absence.

Were you ever deguilded from a previous guild?
If yes, explain why: No i never was.

Have you read About Us, and the CN Policies? Yes i have

Who in CN have you grouped with? Lexarf, and im sure many others but It has been a while.

Why do you want to join CN? So that I can once again be in a guild full of friendly and inviting people, and still be active in the Everquest World in things such as raids.

What can CN offer for you? A welcoming environment and friendly people who have the same hobby as I do

What can you offer CN?  A good companion for latenight grind sessions. A good conversationist (is that a word?). Help to those who are in need of it (trust me I will help anybody, grinding is second in my mind to helping friends)

 Just shoot me a tell on Quinnwuey to inform me on where to take it from here, and hey even if I dont make it ill just try again some other time, and thanks for reviewing my application.


Third (Applicant) 1/15/2004 6:30 PM EST : RE: 52 Shadowknight (Quinnwuey) seeking entry into yo...

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Hey Q, thanks for applying.  Try to join us on our raids listed in the events calendar.  Look forward to seeing you soon.

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