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thorb (Member) 8/13/2005 6:15 PM EST : Guild Rules

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Rules and Guidelines:

 Admission of new members:

 1) We welcome all players who find the guild's approach to the game congenial, no matter what their age, gender, or personal circumstances, or whether they play occasionally or constantly. The only requirement to join is a willingness to follow the guild rules and guidelines.

 New members must read and agree to the rules and philosophy of the guild. The guild officers will make the final decision regarding acceptance of the applicant into the guild. The most important criterion is the likelihood that the new member will make the Pathfinders her long-term Everquest home.

 2) If you are interested in joining you should contact any Pathfinder in-game (use the command "/who all guild3"), and they will pass your name to guild officers. You should also post a message introducing yourself in this thread, so that guild members can get in touch with you. There is also a short application form to fill out when you click the "Join Pathfinders" link at the top of the website.

 Guild members will try to talk to you or group with you in order to make an informed decision about your compatibility with the guild. The final decision will be made by guild officers.Alternate characters of existing full members will be an exception to this rule. Simply inform a guild officer that you are an alt of an existing member and you are granted membership.

 3) New members will be considered associate members for one month after joining the guild. This is so that the new member and the existing members can ensure that there is reasonable compatibility. 

If the new member is unhappy with her decision at any point during that month, or if existing members feel that the new member will not in the longer term be compatible with the guild, she will be detagged amicably.

 4) Anyone considering applying to the guild is strongly encouraged to talk to the guild leader and officers about their interest, at an early stage. 

 Continuing Member Rules:

 1) All guild members should be able to tell who their fellow members are. Use of /anonymous is not in itself against guild rules, but efforts to conceal the identity of a character's player are against the spirit of the guild.

 2) There will be no required playing times or attendance at events. While many of our members are beginning to participate in raids, real life takes priority over EverQuest. This being said, please make an effort to show up at guild events to help make them successful. Try your best to keep commitments to other players. If you promise someone that you will help him or her out with a quest, etc., please show up to do so.

 3) Do your best to help the other members, especially new members. If someone helps you, please be willing to reciprocate. There will be quests and battles that people will need assistance with and this help is one of the major benefits of the guild. Power-levelling new players is very strongly discouraged.

 4) Guild discussion while in game will not always be in character. However, members are encouraged to develop personalities for their characters. The language used in guild chat should always be acceptable for a family setting.

 5) Disputes between guild members should be referred to the guild leader with all pertinent information for resolution. The resolution of the guild leader can be overturned by a majority vote of the guild officers.

 6) Existing members may be ejected from the guild only under extreme circumstances, including persistent immature or disruptive behavior, or consistently acting in a manner counter to the philosophy and rules of the guild. All such decisions will be made by the guild leader and officers.

 Election of guild officers:

 1) This guild is not intended to be very political. Initially there will be 5 guild officers authorized. Titles may be assigned as appropriate. The number of officers can be expanded or reduced by a vote of 75% of the active guild officers.

 2) There will be an open election for the guild leader position annually in October. From October 1st through October 10th interested guild members may announce their intention to run for the position. Voting will then be held from October 15th through October 31st on the guild web site.

 3) If a new leader is elected, the outgoing leader and all existing officers shall immediately become ordinary members, with the exception of ONE among their number, who shall continue as an officer. This person shall be selected by the outgoing officers only, by majority vote. If the new leader is an officer in the outgoing administration, a different person from the outgoing administration shall still be selected to continue as officer.

 4) If a new leader is elected, they shall be able to select ONE guild member as a new officer. Subsequent officers shall be selected according to rule 5) below.

5) New guild officers may be nominated by any existing officer and then added if approved by at least 75% of the active existing officers. The guild leader counts as an officer for the purposes of this rule.

 6) Guild officers, including the guild leader, will be removed only at their desire or if 75% of the other active officers feel that an officer is not fulfilling their duties.

 7) If the guild leader steps down or is removed, the existing active officers shall select a new guild leader by a majority vote to serve out the remainder of the current term.

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