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Meet The Flames    
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Name: Tildaenie Ebonflame
Class: Magicain
Guild Status: Member/Alt (Bailiegh/Candyana)
Best Known for: Popping in everyonce in a while to give her pet a good workout. 

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- An EverQuest Guild on The Rathe Server-

Flames in Action    

Latest Sport in Veksar: Undead Matress Surfing

Where are the Flames?

536959014_Inactive, Nov 15, 05 11:15 AM.

For those of you who have not heard, most members of Flame of Eternal Chaos have moved their mains to Silver Daggers.  Flame of Eternal Chaos exsists as an guild of mostly alts now.  Saerra is now tagged as the leader, and all the officers have at least one alt tagged as an officer.  Feel free to contact anyone that is now in Silver Daggers that you knew to be a Flame (or anyone still wearing the Flame of Eternal Chaos tag) for more information. 

New Poll added (Members only access on it)

536959014_Inactive, Oct 12, 05 8:41 PM.
I added a poll so we can select a name for a chat channel to keep us all in touch should this move to Silver Daggers come about.  Please vote.  If you pick the none of the above-type option please suggest a name. Be constructive!!!

Viarglug Vanquished

Linuxana, Sep 3, 05 9:55 AM.
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Congratulations to Rigamortise on another step towards his Deathwhisper (Necromancer Epic 2.0)!
Flames dominated this Bane of Barindu with only 2 groups, despite the nasty mana/hp draining DoT.  Although we had a few deaths on the way and it was a race to see if Viarglug would run out of HP before we ran out of mana, we persevered and conquered.

Gratz to Thoren on his new Aged Hoop of Battle  (is that an oxymoron?)

Shadowhunter chased into the Shadows

536959014_Inactive, Aug 29, 05 1:09 PM.
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 Shadowhunter Down!
A small raid force of eight Flames slew the mighty beast Shadowhunter (a rather feared mob) in Walls of Slaughter Saturday night. Then we went on to kill several other named in the zone.
Congrats to Windowana, the new wielder of Crystal Sheild of Rememberance
Also winning prizes from our kills:
Jutor: Stave of the Eternal
Candyana: Minor Muramite Rune
Kaeran: Greater Muramite Rune
Thoren: Muramite Rune
Trebor: Edge of Envelopment

Your Screen Shots Wanted!

536959014_Inactive, Aug 25, 05 9:31 AM.

To help make this site more interesting we would like to add some screenshots to the website. 
Please email your submissions to
Any shot that shows the guild in action, the faces of our members, a big deal victory, special events, and humorous images will all be considered for display.  

There are no upcoming events.
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