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City Hall

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HGS Post Office
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R'n'R Armor & Clothing
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R'n'R Hospital
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 The Tropico
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R'n'R Retreat Theatre
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The Fountains
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Plants of Serenity
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The Palms
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Meditation Garden
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Statue of Heroism
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Welcome Guest!

Welcome to the Rori's R'n'R Retreat City holosite. This site is dedicated to the citizens of Rori's Rn'R Retreat City on the Sunrunner server. Visitors and friends are welcomed!

City Holo News

The Theatre comes to Town

Ariellina Rosebloom, Dec 12, 06 12:15 PM.
Master Entertainer Micoa builds a Theatre in R'n'R Retreat!!!!

R'n'R Expands its boundaries

Ariellina Rosebloom, Sep 27, 06 11:03 AM.
This news just in..  The City of R'n'R Retreat on Rori, has been given authorization from the Galactic Planning Board to expand its borders and build a shuttleport within the new expanded boundaries.

Mayor Arielina Rosebloom had this to say:  "I'm very exicted about this recent expansion.  It will help the city in many different ways.  Customers for our many merchants will not be able to access their shops easier, The Studio will not be even more accessible to interested parties, and our entertainment venues wil be easier to get to for events and parties.  This comes at a most opportune time with The Tropico making its Grand Opening this weekend."

HGS Corporate Offices Coming Soon

Ariellina Rosebloom, Sep 13, 06 11:47 AM.
In the next few days HGS will begin construction of a new Corporate Office for the Management Team in our fair city.  This will provide a central location for all HGS business in this part of the Galaxy.

Mayor Arielina is very excited about this new development in the relationship between R'n'R and HGS.

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Mayor Arielina Rosebloom


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