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Sinners and Saints (Champion)
Evildoers, Villains, and Interlopers League (E.V.I.L.) (Protector)
Witnesses to Wazuzu (Victory)


Purchase a Turbine Generator for to support more base appliances.

423,659 / 1,000,000

Congratulations, heroes! Last month's goal of purchasing Choke Point defense rooms has been met. Keep up the good work!

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Peace • Honor • Strength

Welcome to The Ultimate Avengers City of Heroes Supergroup website!

The Ultimate Avengers are a dynamic group of gamers in the Protector server of City of Heroes®, a massively multiplayer online game. Extending the legacy of its Marvel™ namesake, we fight evil to save the world! The supergroup is committed to making its members' stay in Paragon City as fun-filled, friendly, supportive, and productive as possible. Though there are some toons themed after S.H.I.E.L.D. characters, we encourage diversity as it fosters strength.

Accumulated prestige and missions shared with supergroup officers are counted towards promotions. Members are always encouraged to play in SG mode. 10k prestige and two shared missions earns you a promotion to Hero (Lieutenant) status. 100k prestige OR four shared missions moves a member to Super Hero (Captain) status. The criteria for promotion to Avenger (General) status is as follows: (1) The Super Hero should have been a member of the SG for at least a month; (2) The promotion should be approved by a majority of the existing Avengers and Ultimate Avengers; (3) The promotion will be based on the member's dedication to the SG, involvement in SG activities, and adherence to the Code of Conduct; (4) The member should have generated EITHER 200k of prestige OR joined supergroup officers in at least six missions; and (5) The member should be registered at this website. The criteria for promotion to Ultimate Avenger (Commander) status is as follows: (1) The Avenger should have been a member of the SG for at least one year; (2) The promotion should be approved by a majority of the existing Avengers, Ultimate Avengers, and the Penultimate Avenger; (3) The promotion will be based on the member's dedication to the SG, involvement in SG activities, and adherence to the Code of Conduct; (4) The member should have generated EITHER 500k of prestige OR joined supergroup officers in at least one task force; and (5) The member should be registered at this website. Only members registered in the website can be promoted.

Members can also earn promotions by doing services for the SG, such as recruiting a total of 15 members (all members are given recruiting privileges and are encouraged to submit a roster of their recruits), as well as organizing activities (task forces, badge hunts, group play). With the birth of our website, submissions for site improvement such as game guides and short stories/poetry about the SG or the author's toon can also earn members a promotion.

As the SG aims to always be alive and kicking, members inactive after 30 days will be dropped unless a Leave of Absence notice is posted on the Forums or submitted to supergroup officers.

All inquiries should be addressed to Babaylan using an ingame e-mail or this website's e-mail service.



TASK FORCE UPDATE: Woodsman Freed From Devouring Earth's Grasp!

Babaylan, May 12, 07 3:59 PM.

In yet another heartstopping Sunday adventure, our heroes Shamash, Cremationist, and Don Dada, along with friends Archangel Ramiel (peacebringer), Rukhuur (blaster), Ironic Empathy (defender), Pony Girl (tank), and Dycera (tank), came to the aid of Numina at Founders Falls upon her sensing a disturbance in Paragon City.

Numina's protege, Infernal, suggested a possible location, and there, our heroes freed the hero Fatespinner from the Freakshow.

Still sensing something amiss, Numina locked onto a confluence of energy at a Crey facility. Traveling there, they discovered records indicating that Crey had been searching for a hero designated only as 'Generation Zero'.

At somewhat of a mystical impasse, Numina contacted Manticore who pointed the team to a Nemesis facility. There, they found a young hero called Scout who had been captured by Nemesis a generation ago and turned into one of their Warhulks. Freed from a living death, he implored the team with his dying breath to seek the Woodsman.

Numina then suggested an audience with MAGI about a locating device of some kind, which led to the recovery of the Shard of Kalak from the Circle of Thorns. After attuning the Shard, the hunt for Woodsman began. Our heroes ended up in a huge cave network where the Devouring Earth was returning the city back to nature. Within these caverns stood Jurassik, a huge legendary beast. Defeating this titan enabled the team to gather the essence of Woodsman into the Shard, finally freeing him from the Devouring Earth's grasp.

As a reward for the team's valor, Numina gave each hero the Numina's Compatriot badge, on top of numerous single-origin enhancements, experience points, prestige, influence, salvages, and recipes.

NUMINA'S COMPATRIOTS: L-R: Archangel Ramiel, Don Dada, Dycera, Cremationist, Rukhuur, <Numina>, Pony Girl, Ironic Empathy, and Shamash.

TASK FORCE UPDATE: Heroes Foil Alliance between Nemesis and Ruladak the Strong!

Babaylan, Apr 15, 07 5:17 PM.

In a series of exciting battles with numerous forces of Rularuu, Nemesis, and Circle of Thorns, our Avengers HAL X-34, Babaylan, and Boone’s Blaster, along with friends Flame Wrath (tank), Jade Fire (controller), Generic 000 001 908 (blaster), Kipper (scrapper) and Joey Utsler (tank) again saved the day by preventing the catastrophic consequences of an alliance between Nemesis and the deity Ruladak the Strong.

Our heroes came to the aid of Sara Moore, a dedicated Shadow Shard officer tasked to protect the survivors of the Madness that had attacked the land, from Rularuu forces that have invaded it. Upon discovering that armies of Nemesis have begun building bases in the area, Ms. Moore tasked the team to investigate the invaders’ operations. They eventually uncovered a plot to release the evil deity known as Ruladak the Strong, once imprisoned in legend by four magical seals by a force known as the Kind One. Ruladak led the Nemesis General Fort to believe that he was willing to form an alliance to overthrow Nemesis higher command and empower army operations. The Circle of Thorns also muddied the picture in their quest to steal a book detailing the Legend of Ruladak written by Sara Moore’s father. General Fort did not foresee that Ruladak would double-cross him in the end, however, and he succumbed to our heroes’ hands after having broken the fourth seal holding Ruladak. With these foes out of the way, the team faced Ruladak himself, a gigantic monster of a god, who took the team all their strength to conquer.

In the end, however, good once again prevailed over evil, and Task Force Trust saved the Shadow Shard from the dark forces that struggled to rule it. Our team was rewarded with the Destroyer of Strength Badge, single-origin enhancements, and countless experience points, influence, and prestige to boot.

DESTROYERS OF STRENGTH: L-R: Generic 000 001 908, Babaylan, Kipper, Flame Wrath, Jade Fire, <Sara Moore>, HAL X-34, Joey Utsler, and Boone’s Blaster.

TASK FORCE UPDATE: Nature Superheroes Freed From Devouring Earth Lair

Babaylan, Feb 5, 07 6:29 PM.

During yet another exciting Task Force Sunday, Avengers HAL X-34, Don Dada, and Babaylan, together with friends Sanspur (controller), Weequay (scrapper), Darkest Lights (tank), Dreft (blaster) and Slalom (blaster), journeyed to Eden and came to the aid of Woodsman and several other superheroes with strong ties to nature, rescuing them from the grasp of a vast army of Devouring Earth.

All within four gruelling hours, our courageous heroes invaded the Devouring Earths' underground lair where they battled monstrous hordes, two archvillain walls, two quarry giant monsters, and finally, a great Crystal Titan, which the Hamidon had built to house the power he hoped to siphon from the captured heroes. Thankfully, the Greater Devoured beasts that lived above the lair's great lake of acid had evolved a defense against the Titan's prismatic powers - ambrosia, a gelatinous substance that coated their skin and dampened the worst of the Crystal Titan's vibrations. Gathering this substance protected our heroes from the Titan's power and facilitated their success.

As a reward for their valiant efforts, Woodsman rewarded the team with the Liberator Badge, Titan Diamond Shard Enhancements (which affect two aspects of a power) for level 39 to 41 team members, single-origin enhancements for exemplared team members, as well as a slew of experience points, prestige and influence.

LIBERATORS (L-R): Dreft, HAL X-34, Weequay, Babaylan, <Woodsman>, Darkest Lights, Don Dada, Sanspur, and Slalom.




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