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Mage, muse and missed.

Kil'Jaeden Alliance
2004 - 2014
Kel'Thuzad Alliance 
2014 - current
Other Guild News

IC success in Highmaul!

Seething, Yesterday at 2:56 AM.

With surprising speed The Iron Circle raid team took down Imperator Mar'gok, the final boss in Highmaul. The team also jumped to 4/7 status in Heroic kills. With a fresh composition featuring returning players and some new friends we pushed through to the Imp and claimed our first full clear of the new Warlords raid!

The Iron Circle's new home!

Seething, Jul 17, 14 10:13 PM.

On July 11th, 2014 the Iron Circle left its birthplace and home of the past 10 years - Kil'Jaeden; to arrive at Kel'Thuzad. The decision to leave KJ was not made lightly or easily. The unbalanced Alliance:Horde ratio on KJ had progressively gotten worse over the past few years to the point where the Alliance community on KJ was shrinking, the economy was weak, recruiting and PUG'ing opportunities were scarce and it was a constant battle for survival in the Horde dominated PvP realm.

With WoD on the horizon and 10 new levels to grind, the IC community decided to find a different home. Kel'Thuzad offers us an excellent Alliance:Horde ratio, thriving community, robust AH and crafting market, guild growth and raid team recruitment opportunities and a fresh start. We are excited to be on our new realm and are looking forward to what the future holds!

(Special thanks to Jak for the graphic!)

Garrosh pimps our ride.

Seething, Feb 8, 14 7:12 PM.

The siege is broken.

Seething, Feb 8, 14 7:00 PM.

Our intrepid group of adventures has been grinding through the Siege of Orgrimmar since it's launch on Sept. 10, 2013. We quickly mastered the Vale of Eternal Sorrows, with Immerseus, the Protectors, Norushen and Sha of Pride providing us with shiny loot to use on later foes.

The Gates of Retribution were a temporary obstacle, Galakras, the Juggernaut, Dark Shamans and Nazgrim requiring increased coordination, out-of-box thinking and persistence.

The Underhold bloodied our proud advance, with Malkorok's deceptively easy death setting the stage for Spoils and Thok to repeatedly humble us. With adversity came maturity and change. We lost a few long-time raiders, filled the gaps as best we could and pressed on. With a motley, ragtag crew we finally bested two fights that required stellar DPS, excellent healing and smart tanking.

By the time we ventured into the Downfall, we were grisly, harrowed, steely eyed veterans of Garrosh's insane experiments and twisted foes. The Siegecrafter died, the Paragons fell from their lofty perches, and Garrosh welcomed us to his chaotic finale.

IC has not seen such a demanding fight since we climbed atop Deathwing and then fought his twisted remains in the swirls of the Maelstrom. Precise positioning, continual pounding DPS, two healers pushed to their limits, multiple phases and mob management combined with a boss that would JUST NOT DIE presented a challenge that stymied us for weeks on end.

On Feb. 4, 2014 we came together for another night of beating down Garrosh's door. Our damage dealing team of Avos, Pashet, Jakvar, Taelen, Iatos and Gunsmith provided blistering DPS, Smallz and Reidspeed poured heals on the raid for 11 minutes of chaos, and Rookfire and Louvel kept Garrosh and his minions occupied while the group did their job. The end result was a dead Orc, another notch in IC's raid belt and the satisfaction of finishing 5.4 pre-nerf.

Great job guildies!

An amazing staff for a unique snowflake.

Seething, Sep 13, 13 5:44 PM.

After months of cajoling, sweet talking, bribing and threatening guildies into weekly Firelands runs, our resident expert Druid Samalle wrapped up the Legendary Staff quest! We are excited (and envious) of the deserved and hard earned Legendary that allows her to turn into a dragon right before she kills herself with that damn dagger.

Sincere congratulations on finishing a long, arduous grind. We're proud of you!

The death of a King.

Seething, Aug 27, 13 11:24 AM.

The Iron Circle put an end to reign of The Thunder King in mid-August. Lei Shen was vanquished in a brutal fight that demanded perfect execution across the raid team. We were once more carried to victory by our incredible healing crew of Smallz, Eyes and Ishtar (Pashet's druid). Their efforts allowed Avos, Jak, Rouge, Iatos and Spell to lay down the hurt while Rook and Louvel played pillar hide-and-seek with the boss. 

Out of the initial raid group that started the Throne of Thunder 5 months ago with the downing Jin'rokh, 7 of those original 10 players were there to kill Lei Shen. Congratulations to each of you, and many thanks to the other guildies and PUG's for helping us along the way. Fulfilling our goal of killing the final ToT boss pre-nerf was satisfying and very, very sweet.

Now let's see about dealing with some pesky Orc and their flea-ridden city...

2fer night!

Seething, Aug 15, 13 10:02 PM.

After an unplanned, undesired break in the progression schedule, the IC team came back with a chip on it's shoulder and a mean streak wider than an orc's nostril. In one gritty night of raiding we pushed through two guild first boss kills: Iron Qon and the Twin Consorts. Both fights required excellent heals, precise tanking and silly levels of DPS. A shout out to Jeri, who joined us in heal spec (!) and helped push us over the edge (we miss him on raid night too often). This put IC at 11/12 in ToT with 3 weeks till 5.4 drops. Can we continue to execute and bring down the Thunder King? Hell yes we can.

Square dancing, robot style

Seething, Jul 10, 13 10:03 PM.

Everyone grab a robot, dosie-do
Keep it close, right round we go
(Robots with robots is a deadly NO-NO)
Smack it down till it's almost dead
Then put it inside one with a bigger head
Stack 'em high, stack 'em low
Not too quick, not too slow
Dance with a Massive one, enjoy it's slam
Anger Animus, bust out moves like
Matter Swap's a real pain
Thankfully it's Pahet's bane
Don't eat a sphere, they're bad for you
(Unless you're Rogue, have one or two)
The tanks are jittery, the DPS shaky
Thank god the heals are strong while the rest are flaky
In the end the music will stop
And to the ground Dark Animus will drop

(Thank you Jak for the screenshot work!)

Durumu? Durumoo? Droomou? Dead.

Seething, Jun 28, 13 2:46 AM.

Purple disintegration beams morphing into purple death mazes? Purple painful puddles? Strafing red, stationary blue and rotating yellow cones? Dead red adds and invisible blue ones? For a forgotten floating eyeball, Durumu turned out to be a colorful kill. It was made all the sweeter by a six boss push in one night, finished off by the proverbial stick in the eye taking us to 7/12 in ToT. Kudos to our drunk dwarf priest Las for taking the team through the maze of death three times, and to everyone in the raid for on-the-fly adjustments during Light Spectrum. Primordius anyone? (Best screenie yet Jak.)

All in a nights work.

Seething, Jun 26, 13 6:28 PM.

A poison, fire AND frost spitting Hydra? An evil giant bird and it's progeny? Nothing more than bumps on the road to the Thunder King for our raid team. The Iron Circle made short work of both Megaera and Ji-Kun in one night. The usual suspects plowed through the serpent with more heads than a quarter factory, and grounded the monstrous winged scavenger and her young to close out the Halls of Flesh-Shaping and take us to 6/12 in ToT.

Kudos all the way around for the patience to adjust the Hydra head order until we got it right, and to the "nest team" for bouncing up and down the cavern keeping nasty adds off the back of the raiders who were working on Ji-Kun. And we would be remiss not to give special recognition to our healing crew, who kept us alive through two damage intensive fights.

The eyeball of doom awaits! (Again, thank you Jak for the screenie work!)


Seething, Jun 21, 13 11:31 PM.

It wasn't pretty, it wasn't smooth... it was gritty, tough and nasty. Tortos presented a fun, but tough fight for the IC raid crew. But Smalls, Las and Eyes did an amazing job healing the team. Jak, Pash, Spell, Avos and Rogue pounded on the boss, a whole cave full of mini-turtles and swarms of bats. Rook and Louvel kept the attention of Tortos and the adds, and in the end the big Shell fell. Cowabunga dude?

Meeting adjourned

Seething, Jun 1, 13 1:33 AM.

The month of May continues to be favorable to the Iron Circle raid progression team. Our next step on the way to the Thunder King was to dismantle his dysfunctional bureaucratic gathering of misfits known as the Council of Elders. Rook and Louvël swapped their time between the Frost King, an evil Priestess and Mr. Sandy Britches in an intricate dance of taunts and threat, while our faithful team of Samalle, Lasoreth and Eyesonme healed us through four different boss damage effects. The DPS crew executed their roles perfectly. Rogueone stabbed Sul till his blades dulled, Jeri, Pashet and Shotandkiled (AKA Submariner) cycled between nasty adds and an ever changing main target and Avos once again provided chart topping DPS wherever needed. (And Jakvar joined us in spirit as Smalls pet Valkyrie.)  In the end, 10 IC’ers were left standing and 4 bosses were reviewing their Panderian Pink Slips. Now it’s Turtle Time! (Thank you for the screenshot work Jak!)

The Halfbreed
IC is now 4/7 Heroic in Highmaul!
The Halfbreed
IC is 7/7 Normal, go team!
The Halfbreed
6/7 down the first night in Highmaul, nice work crew!
The Halfbreed
First Highmaul IC raid tonight, good luck team!
The Halfbreed
Thank you for the Raid Guides Tae! All potential raiders now have some homework to do...
The Halfbreed
Guild raid night on hold until WoD raiding in Jan.
The Halfbreed
WoD raiding post is up in the forums, check it out!
The Halfbreed
Welcome to Kel'Thuzad IC! Congrats to Jakvar, our newest Guild Officer!
The Halfbreed
If you are on KJ, do NOT leave the "new" IC before you xfer to KT. Or you will lose your guild rep!
The Halfbreed
Server move tonight, Friday, July 11th!
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