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Kil'Jaeden Alliance
2004 - 2014
Kel'Thuzad Alliance 
2014 - current
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Seething, Jul 14, 15 7:23 PM.
We have moved to a new hosting service for the guild website, please visit us at!

(This site will no longer be monitored, and will eventually cease to exist and never respawn.)


The Tierful end of Heroic Blackhand.

Seething, May 11, 15 8:50 PM.

The Iron Circle and friends joined hands to circle round the Heroic Blackrock Foundry end boss Blackhand and sing kumbaya to our fallen foe. Despite Aruz's absence, the DPS team of Avos, Jakvar, Kill, Zhili, Rocket, Ken and lazy Lock Deja pounded the orc with punishing blows. They stayed alive thanks to the supreme healing efforts of Smallz, Aeleus, Tohmara and Cardea, who also kept up Ishy and Louvell as they took turns bearing the brunt of Blackhand's attention. The war chief dropped on our 80th attempt, which speaks to the patience, perseverance and lunacy of The Iron Circle raid team. Congrats to all on the Ahead of the Curve achievement, and don't forget to /hug a lonely siege tank if you happen upon one in Azeroth. (Thanks for the pic Jak!)

The Iron Circle extinguishes Heroic Blast Furnace

Seething, Apr 22, 15 12:52 PM.

The Iron Circle continues its BRF progression with a 3 pull Heroic kill of the Foreman and the Heart of the Mountain. This brings the guild to 9/10 BRF Heroic bosses down, with Blackhand on our radar. Rocket joined us via his flower spec. (Thanks for the pic work Jak!)

Blackhand severed!

Seething, Mar 12, 15 1:11 PM.

Blackhand The Destroyer, Fearsome Leader of the Orcs, Warchief of the Horde. A power-mad and tactically brilliant weaponmaster, the Warlord of Blackrock Foundry proved a worthy adversary for The Iron Circle. After multiple attempts on multiple nights the progression team was finally able to push the Warchief to the last fiery level of his Foundry hell and bring him down. Pounding DPS was supported by stellar heals and meticulous tanking to send the orc to his final rest. We celebrated by chopping off an arm and distributing it among the team, a grizzly trophy to be used in pursuit of the legendary ring. Is a Heroic kill on the horizon? We push on... (thank you for the pic work Jak!)

Heroic Imp meets his match!

Seething, Feb 20, 15 10:00 PM.

Congrats to the IC raid team and friends on the guild first Heroic Imp kill! (And thanks for the panda add and pic work Jak!)

Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry progress!

Seething, Feb 17, 15 8:49 PM.

With The Iron Circle sitting at 6/7 Heroic in Highmaul, and 3/10 Normal in Blackrock, we faced our toughest challenge yet in Oregorger. After numerous detailed strategies that ended in a mass of skeletons scattered on the ground, we tossed caution to wind and decided on the "YOLO" strat. And much to Seething's dismay, it worked wonderfully. With hard DPS, generous and timely heals, spot-on positioning and damage mitigation and a heap of running around like mad, we dropped the massive Goren in his maze-like home. It was a sweet kill, hard earned and much rejoiced! (Thanks for the pic work Jak!)

IC success in Highmaul!

Seething, Jan 29, 15 2:56 AM.

With surprising speed The Iron Circle raid team took down Imperator Mar'gok, the final boss in Highmaul. The team also jumped to 4/7 status in Heroic kills. With a fresh composition featuring returning players and some new friends we pushed through to the Imp and claimed our first full clear of the new Warlords raid!

The Iron Circle's new home!

Seething, Jul 17, 14 10:13 PM.

On July 11th, 2014 the Iron Circle left its birthplace and home of the past 10 years - Kil'Jaeden; to arrive at Kel'Thuzad. The decision to leave KJ was not made lightly or easily. The unbalanced Alliance:Horde ratio on KJ had progressively gotten worse over the past few years to the point where the Alliance community on KJ was shrinking, the economy was weak, recruiting and PUG'ing opportunities were scarce and it was a constant battle for survival in the Horde dominated PvP realm.

With WoD on the horizon and 10 new levels to grind, the IC community decided to find a different home. Kel'Thuzad offers us an excellent Alliance:Horde ratio, thriving community, robust AH and crafting market, guild growth and raid team recruitment opportunities and a fresh start. We are excited to be on our new realm and are looking forward to what the future holds!

(Special thanks to Jak for the graphic!)

Garrosh pimps our ride.

Seething, Feb 8, 14 7:12 PM.

The siege is broken.

Seething, Feb 8, 14 7:00 PM.

Our intrepid group of adventures has been grinding through the Siege of Orgrimmar since it's launch on Sept. 10, 2013. We quickly mastered the Vale of Eternal Sorrows, with Immerseus, the Protectors, Norushen and Sha of Pride providing us with shiny loot to use on later foes.

The Gates of Retribution were a temporary obstacle, Galakras, the Juggernaut, Dark Shamans and Nazgrim requiring increased coordination, out-of-box thinking and persistence.

The Underhold bloodied our proud advance, with Malkorok's deceptively easy death setting the stage for Spoils and Thok to repeatedly humble us. With adversity came maturity and change. We lost a few long-time raiders, filled the gaps as best we could and pressed on. With a motley, ragtag crew we finally bested two fights that required stellar DPS, excellent healing and smart tanking.

By the time we ventured into the Downfall, we were grisly, harrowed, steely eyed veterans of Garrosh's insane experiments and twisted foes. The Siegecrafter died, the Paragons fell from their lofty perches, and Garrosh welcomed us to his chaotic finale.

IC has not seen such a demanding fight since we climbed atop Deathwing and then fought his twisted remains in the swirls of the Maelstrom. Precise positioning, continual pounding DPS, two healers pushed to their limits, multiple phases and mob management combined with a boss that would JUST NOT DIE presented a challenge that stymied us for weeks on end.

On Feb. 4, 2014 we came together for another night of beating down Garrosh's door. Our damage dealing team of Avos, Pashet, Jakvar, Taelen, Iatos and Gunsmith provided blistering DPS, Smallz and Reidspeed poured heals on the raid for 11 minutes of chaos, and Rookfire and Louvel kept Garrosh and his minions occupied while the group did their job. The end result was a dead Orc, another notch in IC's raid belt and the satisfaction of finishing 5.4 pre-nerf.

Great job guildies!

An amazing staff for a unique snowflake.

Seething, Sep 13, 13 5:44 PM.

After months of cajoling, sweet talking, bribing and threatening guildies into weekly Firelands runs, our resident expert Druid Samalle wrapped up the Legendary Staff quest! We are excited (and envious) of the deserved and hard earned Legendary that allows her to turn into a dragon right before she kills herself with that damn dagger.

Sincere congratulations on finishing a long, arduous grind. We're proud of you!

The death of a King.

Seething, Aug 27, 13 11:24 AM.

The Iron Circle put an end to reign of The Thunder King in mid-August. Lei Shen was vanquished in a brutal fight that demanded perfect execution across the raid team. We were once more carried to victory by our incredible healing crew of Smallz, Eyes and Ishtar (Pashet's druid). Their efforts allowed Avos, Jak, Rouge, Iatos and Spell to lay down the hurt while Rook and Louvel played pillar hide-and-seek with the boss. 

Out of the initial raid group that started the Throne of Thunder 5 months ago with the downing Jin'rokh, 7 of those original 10 players were there to kill Lei Shen. Congratulations to each of you, and many thanks to the other guildies and PUG's for helping us along the way. Fulfilling our goal of killing the final ToT boss pre-nerf was satisfying and very, very sweet.

Now let's see about dealing with some pesky Orc and their flea-ridden city...
The Halfbreed
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