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Its not a robe - its a dress!

- Magorath
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Welcome to RedLuna!

Thank you everyone for joining RedLuna!
This portal is a place for chat, questions,
helping one another, and just a place to have fun.

This is where we all get to know one another besides the
usual killing that the game brings.

For those of you who do not know what “Ohana” means,
Its means family and family means no one gets left behind.
Its our guild motto.
If anyone in the guild needs help, we like to see guildies
to be the first there to give a helping hand, besides what
are guild for, if not to help one another?

Even though we are a new guild some of us are not new to the
online gaming world so if you have questions while playing feel
free to ask right out in guild chat. We like to help so please use us.

Thanks again for joining and please remember to have fun!!!

Red Luna News!    

Deleted User, Mar 2, 05 10:10 AM.

Moons, let us plan an activity for next Saturday Afternoon.  Send tells to Strongbranch.  Any and all feedback is welcome.

Crafters Rejoice!

Deleted User, Mar 1, 05 10:13 AM.
The Guild House now has a Forge and an Hibernian Apprentice Merchant.  Use them and skill up.  Our Guild needs more crafters.  Type /craft h to make Hibernian items.  /craft a and /craft m for Albion and Midgard items respectively.  We are growing and that is good.  Send tells to Strongbranch for any needs.  I am temporary guild leader for the time being.

Patch Day!!

537140221_Inactive, Feb 8, 05 11:26 AM.
Patch day!!!

Click above for more info and to keep track of the down time

Id love to get a group together to play a game of Herding :)

Porch/Consignment Merchant added to the Guildhouse

537140221_Inactive, Feb 6, 05 3:39 PM.
The porch and consignment merchant have been added to the guildhouse. Permissions set for all to use.

Thank Killthe for the money for the porch.


Guild Charter Updated

537140221_Inactive, Feb 5, 05 1:36 PM.

The Guild Charter has been updated in regards to Power Leveling.
Please take a minute to read it :)


New Guild Emblem

537140221_Inactive, Feb 5, 05 1:24 PM.
The guild has a new emblem. We have the same name, and we hold true to the values and morals that Treader put forth. But seeing as we are striving to begin anew, to grow and prosper, it seemed only fitting to pick a new emblem.

Your old emblem (if you have one on your shield or cloak) will still be there. You need to visit a dye merchant and buy some dye remover, then revisit the Guild Emblemer. If you need gold to re-emblem your items, give me or Ghost a yell.


GhostFirby appointed Co-Leader

537140221_Inactive, Feb 5, 05 1:15 PM.


Today I appointed GhostFirby Co-Leader of RedLuna.

He has been a friend of mine for over a year. We met in another online game. He has great knowledge of DAoC, great leadership abilities when it comes to helping a guild prosper and is a overall wonderful person.

So when you see him online, please congratulate him :)


Brighis has been moved to Guild Leader

537140221_Inactive, Jan 31, 05 7:17 PM.
Tonite we realized that Animess was actually in position of guild leader. As we will be soon getting rid of that account, we moved Brighis into the role of guild leader.

Any questions, message me here. (use the post office function to the left)

New Rank Levels and Names!

537140221_Inactive, Jan 31, 05 5:32 PM.

The new ranking structure and names have been completed!

They are as follows:

Guildleader - Brighis Rank 0

- Rank 1 - Wolf Moon (Assistant Guildleader)
- Rank 2 - Storm Moon (Officers)
- Rank 3 - Snow Moon (Members that have signed up at guildportal)
- Rank 4 - Dyan Moon (Members that have not signed up at guildportal)
- Rank 9 - Chaste Moon (Newbies)

Ok how it works..

Assistant Guildleader (Wolf) has all abilities set on
Officers(Storm) can do everything but enter into or leave alliances
Members (Snow) who have signed up at guildportal can:
  1. invite others
  2. wear the emblem
  3. talk on alliance chat /as
Members (Dyan) who have not signed up at guildportal can:
  1. wear the emblem
  2. talk on alliance chat /as
Members (Chaste) who are new can only talk on guild chat and hear alliance chat. They cannot talk on alliance chat.

The names for the ranks came from a webpage...

         Algonquin/  English/  neo-Pagan     Other
         colonial    medieval

  Jan    Old         Wolf      Ice           Moon After Yule
  Feb    Hunger      Storm     Snow
  Mar    Crust       Chaste    Death         Sap; Crow; Lenten
  Apr    Pink        Seed      Awakening     Grass; Egg
  May    Flower      Hare      Grass         Planting; Milk
  Jun    Rose        Dyan      Planting      Strawberry; Flower
  Jul    Buck        Mead      Rose          Hay; Thunder
  Aug    Sturgeon    Corn      Lightening    Grain; Dog Days
  Sep    Harvest     Barley    Harvest       Fruit
  Oct    Hunter's    Blood     Blood
  Nov    Beaver      Snow      Tree          Frosty
  Dec    Cold        Oak       Long Night    Moon Before Yule

Since Luna means moon - I thought having moon names was fitting. And if you complain Ill change your rank to "Beaver or Pink Moon" :p

Remember!! If you invite someone to the guild it is your job to :
  1. Tell them to come to guildportal and register so they can be promoted
  2. Send me an email here on guild portal and let me know who you invited. I just need the character name. 

If you cant do these 2 things... the inviting ability will be taken away from you

Hope all of this makes sense :)



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