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Posted 9/8/2010 12:33 PM by Aaron Lewis. 138688 reads. Share:

A new widget is available for World of Warcraft guilds, called " Ranking." It integrates with the popular web site to provide ranking data on your guild. Add the widget to one of your pages and edit it for further information on configuring integration (the folks at WoWProgress have made it really, really easy with GuildPortal-specific instructions on their side, as well).

Also, achievements are now retro-actively, and automatically, awarded to associate-level and above members of guild sites. There was a lot of confusion surrounding when achievements were awarded -- they were awarded when an exact trigger value for was hit, not when above -- so it's been changed to work in a more sensible way.

Posted 9/2/2010 9:07 AM by Aaron Lewis. 11181 reads. Share:

Guild admins now have the ability to enable RSS feeds for their guilds that will provide more than just public-level data. Whenever a member of a guild site clicks on any of the RSS links, they are presented with a list of available feeds. If guild admins have checked "Allow Authenticated RSS" in the Control Panel > General Settings > General, the links will contain a key specific to that user, so that when they paste the RSS link into their reader, they will be able to see information that they would be able to see when actually logged into the site.

The reason RSS links now display a page with available feeds instead of directly opening the feed is to prevent accidental copying and pasting of an entire page with the sensitive links in them. Also, when this functionality is enabled, users are warned to never share their specific key with anyone else. Admins who are concerned about this should simply not enable "Allow Authenticated RSS," and all RSS feeds will only display public-level data.

In addition to this new functionality, two new types of feeds have been added: Shouts and Upcoming Events.

Posted 8/25/2010 1:51 PM by Aaron Lewis. 7546 reads. Share:

In order to satisfy the requests that have been coming in for better forum searching, we have deployed the first part of an entirely new engine. At the moment it is only indexing, building up data from the moment we pushed it. Unfortunately, it will not be going back and retro-actively indexing all posts, since that amounts to exactly 27,511,414 items.

However, it will provide much better search moving forward. We will likely push the front-end for searching (to replace the current forum search) within the next two weeks, and provide an option for "archive searching" if you're looking for posts that are older than the new engine.

Posted 8/20/2010 3:06 PM by Aaron Lewis. 12359 reads. Share:

  • Guild bank item requests now provide the ability for the person requesting to specify the quantity of the item(s) they are requesting, as well as to which character the item(s) should be delivered.
  • Quest step completion has been greatly de-ickified (hush, spell checker). Now, when viewing a quest's details, there is a link under each step that, when clicked, will expand a grid. The grid shows all guild characters, is sortable/searchable, and has a check box next to each character's name. Both the owner of a character and a Quest Admin for guild sites are able to check/un-check the box, indicating whether or not that particular character has completed that step in the quest.
  • A glitch in the one-to-one website chat has been fixed.
  • Finally, a buncha other things have gone live in response to support tickets.
Have a great weekend!

Posted 8/13/2010 4:52 PM by Aaron Lewis. 5898 reads. Share:

  • The nav bar can now be positioned above the banner. It's an increasingly popular look lately, so there you go. The option can be set through Control Panel > Style Tools > Navigation Style > Tab Bar Location. 
  • In addition, right next to the options for the location is a spinner for setting the absolute height (in pixels) of the Nav Bar. Dynamically generated gradient images (with or without gloss) will be regenerated for you to match the new height.
  • You can now set the spacing between widgets using the spinner found at Control Panel > Style Tools > Content Boxes (Widgets) > Spacing Between Widgets.
  • Icons for LOTRO "Creeps" guilds, which doesn't in the least mean anything derogatory (they're monsters!) now display in the integrated roster.
  • Recurring events are back to functioning the way they should.
  • The Page Options will no longer permit the entry of non-sound files or URLs that point only at web pages.
  • An issue where a user's time zone preference would switch to something else -- seemingly at random -- has been fixed. We apologize for any temporal shifts and the appearance of any DeLoreans (no, sincerely, we're sorry if any of those have appeared).