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Posted 6/24/2010 4:46 PM by Aaron Lewis. 135738 reads. Share:

Site admins will notice a new option to toggle between Preview and Edit modes on their guild pages. By default, you will be in Preview mode. Clicking on Edit mode opens a mini-menu in the top right corner of the site that stays in view when scrolling up and down the page.

The mini-menu offers quicker ways to do things that used to take more time to access via the Control Panel. You are able to swiftly add a new page, a new widget, or delete a page.

In addition, being in Edit mode makes it possible to move widgets around on the page by using drag-and-drop. Also, a delete icon appears in the title area of each widget. When finished, simply click the Preview link to return to Preview mode.

All of the above-listed operations are still available in the Control Panel, of course.

The Control Panel itself has been enhanced with a new front page that lists some helpful (we hope!) videos for site admins. It also provides the ability to search for videos and the answers to frequently asked questions. The change log is still available, it's just on the second tab.

A problem with the answers applicants gave to app questions disappearing after the original question has been deleted has been fixed, and will be no problem moving forward.

Posted 6/15/2010 3:28 PM by Aaron Lewis. 10113 reads. Share:

Tonight's push is a small one, only containing bug fixes for support tickets -- with one exception.

The main forum listing is a table, and previously, each cell (TD) contained a DIV that had the class name applied to it. So the cell containing the icon would be a TD with no CSS class, but it would have a DIV with a class of "ForumIconCell." Same way with ForumTitleCell, ForumTopicCountCell, ForumPostCountCell and ForumLastPostInfoCell.

With tonight's push (going live after I finish typing this up), the class is going to applied to the containing TD, and the interior DIV will be removed. It's a housecleaning thing, but I thought I'd let you know in case anybody's got custom CSS that's referencing those class names specifically in the context of a container that is a DIV. Note that just having a rule for the class, like .ForumTitleCell, is good enough -- no need to do a "div.ForumTitleCell" or "td.ForumTitleCell."

This will only affect those using custom CSS.

Posted 6/9/2010 12:20 PM by Aaron Lewis. 7425 reads. Share:

Largely in response to support tickets, the following updates were deployed today:
  • The image gallery widget now pulls more images, and does not only pull them from the most recently-added. You will now see more of a mix of new and old images.
  • A quirk when opening the member editor from FireFox (where the browser behind the editor would then display a blank white page with "false" in it) has been fixed.
  • The tree view used for selection of members to send new mail to was missing expand/collapse and level images. They are back now.
  • Custom jQuery document ready code now loads correctly.
  • Custom CSS Additions (not Full CSS) should now all be included when pages render.
  • The notification window that appears when a person's application is pending review/approval will now only display once per session.

Posted 6/8/2010 1:14 PM by Aaron Lewis. 12225 reads. Share:

Web-based mail may now only be sent from one user to another when they are associated either by 1) membership as associates or higher in the same guild or 2) membership as associates or higher in allied guilds. This has been done to prevent gold-seller spam.

A bug preventing editing the intro and title of stories has been fixed, along with various other changes that have been made in response to support tickets.

Posted 5/17/2010 2:48 PM by Aaron Lewis. 5676 reads. Share:

A new widget called Aion Abyss Status is available for Aion guilds.  It can be added to any of your pages through the Control Panel by selecting Pages and Content, selecting a page, clicking Add Widget, and then selecting Aion Abyss Status from the drop-down list of available widget types.

Other updates:
  • A bug in the banner builder causing banner background images to not save their enabled setting has been fixed.
  • The Achievements widget, when displayed on the side of a page, will now automatically go into paging mode.
  • A LUA parsing problem with the GPHelper add-on for World of Warcraft has been fixed.  It is not necessary to re-install the add-on, as the error was server-side.