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Posted 5/12/2010 12:03 PM by Aaron Lewis. 144667 reads. Share:

The GPHelper add-on for World of Warcraft guilds has been updated to version 1.50.  You can download the latest version by clicking the link at the bottom of the GuildPortal home page, or by going into your Control Panel and clicking WoW Integration.  You will need to install the latest version before entering the game, run /gph update once in the game, and then completely exit WoW before uploading your LUA file in the Control Panel (under WoW Integration).

Also going along with this update are other various updates in response to support tickets.

Posted 4/30/2010 3:00 PM by Aaron Lewis. 9756 reads. Share:

First, the Recent Topics Stand-Alone widget has been added.  While the forums currently have a listing of the most recently added posts (and there's a stand-alone widget for it, as well), this new one lists the most recently added topics.

Next, the Silverlight gallery that was previously only accessible by first opening the full gallery and then clicking a link is now its own widget (it's listed at Image Gallery: Silverlight).

Finally, the vast majority of pseudo pop-up windows that open when you edit content have been banished in favor of more traditional ones.  This decision was made because you couldn't edit content and then refresh the page you were working on by itself to see the changes.  With normal pop-ups, you can.

Finally, when editing widgets, you can now edit the title of the container in the same editor, instead of having to go through the Control Panel.

Posted 4/29/2010 2:11 PM by Aaron Lewis. 7012 reads. Share:

It's been a busy week for the GPHelper WoW add-on, for sure.  We're hoping to make up for the frustration with broken download links, invalid "version out of date" messages, and all that by announcing that another new feature has been added.  The add-on will now synchronize your guild website calendar with the one in-game.

Grab and install the latest version of GPHelper from Control Panel (under WoW Integration) and fire up WoW, then poke around your calendar, opening events.  When events are opened, their details are saved out, so the next time you upload your data in the Control Panel (under WoW Integration), your events are added to your guild website calendar.

The synchronization process attempts to avoid duplicates by matching the title of the event with the original date of import.  That way, if you intentionally move an event around to a different time (did you know that event admins can do that by clicking and dragging, directly from the calendar itself?), a duplicate of it won't annoyingly appear on the original date when you synchronize again.

If you'd rather avoid all this manual updating, you can download the GuildPortal Synch application which, for Windows users, keeps your add-on up-to-date with the latest version and uploads your data to your guild website as changes are detected.  You can grab a copy of GuildPortal Synch by going to the GuildPortal home page, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking the link that says "WoW Add-On."

At this time, we are not incrementing the version number or file name of the WoW add-on, so you only need to re-install it if you want the calendar import functionality.  We thought it too soon since the last one to bother everyone with a forced update.  Note that this means GuildPortal Synch will not overwrite your current version either, for those who are already running it, so if you want the new functionality, you'll need to manually install the add-on.

Posted 4/23/2010 2:41 PM by Aaron Lewis. 11684 reads. Share:

The WoW Add-On (GPHelper) has been updated.  It now imports guild bank items correctly.  Instructions on using the add-on, including the download link, are both in the Control Panel under WoW Integration.

Posted 4/16/2010 2:48 PM by Aaron Lewis. 5477 reads. Share:

That's right, the feature list just had triplets!
  1. Member of the Month. With this widget placed on any of your site's pages, members can vote on other members that they feel deserve being called the member of the month (or called out, depending on your guild's particular type of humor). It also allows people to see who's getting the votes for the current month, but doesn't show them from whom the votes are coming. That would lead to harassment, bullying, and eventually, blood in the streets.
  2. Random Member. Operates a bit like the Member of the Month, only completely different. There's no voting involved. The person displayed is completely arbitrary. Computer-selected. It does allow the entry of a short bio that is specifically between your members and your site, and it's displayed along with them.
  3. External Voice Server. Alright, not really a feature so much as a patch to help with the confusion that resulted from us offering Ventrilo server hosting. If you have your Ventrilo (or other) voice server hosted by someone else, you'll probably want to use this widget to paste in any "Server Status" scripts they provide you, to display who's currently logged in and all that. It also gets around that problem you used to have with scripts being too long, by replacing the old way they were stored with a bigger field in the database.

To add any of these widgets to a page on your site, head to the Control Panel, click Pages and Content (Widgets), pick a page, and then click the Add Widget tab.