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Posted 4/16/2010 5:23 AM by Aaron Lewis. 136768 reads. Share:

The WoW Server Status widget is now also available for European guilds.

Posted 4/15/2010 12:08 PM by Aaron Lewis. 9285 reads. Share:

A new widget called "WoW Server Status" is available for you to add to any of your site's pages, if you're a WoW guild playing on a US server.  At the moment there's no feed we know of for the EU and Russian server status info that we can tap into, so that's why you're left out for the time being.  To add it, open the Control Panel, got to Pages and Content, click on a page, then click Add Widget.  It's in there, all alphabetical-like.

Clicking edit for it (either from the CP or a page) will bring up a thingy with another thingy inside it that lets you pick whether to use an alliance or horde skin.  The whole thing's based Mottie's work, so if you're in the mood to bake some cookies, he's all about that.

Bunch of other stuff went live, too.  Bug fixes.  Stuff like that.  Nothing interesting.  Gonna go take a nap now.

Posted 4/9/2010 3:09 PM by Aaron Lewis. 7030 reads. Share:

The Login Bar can now be styled in in the Control Panel, under Style Stools -> General Style Settings -> Login Bar.  It's the area that lets your users log in or invites non-logged in visitors to join your site, and contains links to their blog, chat, mail, and settings.  Previously, it adopted style settings from your widget style.  It will continue to do so, however, if you do not give it a style of its own.

Also, three new videos have been added. One's about changing your site's name, game and/or server (game-wise), including re-generating a dynamic banner if you want to.  Another's on adding sound to your web pages.  The last covers creating a new Ventrilo voice server for your guild.  To see the videos, head to the GuildPortal home page, scroll to the bottom, and click the Videos link.

Posted 4/8/2010 12:48 PM by Aaron Lewis. 11751 reads. Share:

A new Achievements system is going live with today's code push.  From the Control Panel, click Member Management, and then Achievements.

Achievements are configured by administrators to automatically award members of your site for their participation on the site. You can choose from the different types of actions to reward achievements for, such as: new posts, replies to posts, voting, adding shouts, sending in item requests, reading library articles, adding story chapters, participating in chat, and more.

You can also set the threshold for awarding, and even have multiple achievements for different thresholds of the same activity.  For example, you can have an achievement for 10 posts, then another for 50 posts, etc.

To go along with this, there is a new widget available for you to add to any guild page.  It's called, "Achievements."  It will display a listing of recent achievement earners on your site, and adapts itself to which container you place it within.  If you have it in the center of your page, it'll display wider, with a bit more information.  If it's in one of the side containers, it'll display in a list.

Clicking on a user's name from various other widgets will also now show their achievements.

Tracking of progress towards achievements started yesterday, so if you were to add an achievement now for posting more than 10 times, it will not add achievements for all of your members who have posted more than 10 times.  It is in effect only moving forward.  If you want to start completely over from now, the Achievements section of the Control Panel also offers the ability to reset all progress for all members to zero.

Posted 4/6/2010 12:29 PM by Aaron Lewis. 5524 reads. Share:

Ventrilo voice servers are now available directly from! To get yours started, go to your guild's Control Panel and click on Ventrilo Server. Here are the reasons to choose GuildPortal to host your Ventrilo server:
  • Some of the lowest prices around.
  • Easy configuration and management, directly from the Control Panel.
  • Seamless integration with the Voice Server Status widget.
  • Did we mention, some of the lowest prices around?
Also going live with today's code push: fixes to custom content box image rendering, the ability to set the padding on the table that contains widgets, and miscellaneous fixes in response to support tickets.