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Posted 12/1/2009 1:42 PM by Aaron Lewis. 131190 reads. Share:

People can now set their chat status in Characters/Settings, under the Chat Prefs tab.  The default status is available, and the other choices are to disable chat completely, "away," or "busy."  Also, there is an option in the Guild Control Panel to hide the chat icon, as you can with the mail and blog icons.

On a side note, we must apologize for a slow response time to tickets during the past few days.  We have a family member in the hospital and it looks like our development/support schedule will continue to be sporadic for the next several days.

Posted 11/24/2009 1:13 PM by Aaron Lewis. 10310 reads. Share:

Instant Messaging goes live with tonight's code push!  Wherever user links are seen (with the icons for sending a private message and viewing their blog), a new icon will appear for starting a chat session.  Especially useful when used in combination with the "Who's Online" widget, the Instant Messaging functionality is, of course, fully integrated with your site and requires no configuration on your part.  It requires no java or other plug-ins, and will not require any special firewall tweaks.

The chat icon is, of course, customizable to guild admin tastes in the Control Panel, under Style Tools, General Style Settings, under the "User Links" tab.

Posted 11/16/2009 2:16 PM by Aaron Lewis. 7525 reads. Share:

Event/Raid admins now have a new button under sign-ups, when viewing the event, called "Confirm All."  When clicked, all members who have signed up, but who have not yet been confirmed for attendance, will be confirmed.  Also, they'll be notified of it via web-based mail.

The tree control that appears in the inbox widget was rendering with mismatched colors on some sites.  Should be resolved now. 

Because of the flexibility of the Progression widget, specifically because of how it allows pretty much anything to be entered for the status of an encounter ("Done," "Farmed,", "20%", whatever you like) has a FAQ entry that might help understand how to use and customize the displayed data.

The issue with the image file server earlier today was the result of a DNS entry not being updated in time for an IP switch on the server.  For the next 24-48 hours, GuildPortal will attempt to detect and redirect requests for files in your storage to the actual IP address of the file server, so that your images will display, instead of using the normal name.  After the 24 or so hours, we'll switch it back and everything will be back to normal.

Posted 11/11/2009 11:32 AM by Aaron Lewis. 12072 reads. Share:

Occasionally, the hamster dies.  Often, it's right after you've just purchased a cute little fuzzy coat and hat for him to wear.  Well, late last night, the little guy was taken out in a mob hit.

Our database server experienced a hardware failure, so crunchy that it didn't matter that the affected piece had a redundant friend waiting to take over.  The failure caused the actual database files to become corrupted, and it took the database administrators most of today to repair the affected tables.  It's actually quite a feat, to their credit -- the database is huge.

We apologize profusely for the extended, unexpected, and of course, unwelcome downtime that we experienced.  We are currently working on some clean-up, and throughout the rest of the day the site may respond a little more slowly than normal.  We appreciate your patience!

On a more positive note, we have replaced the hamster with a far superior, genetically-enhanced one with a life expectancy of... Well, he'll outlive us all, anyway.

Posted 11/6/2009 7:12 AM by Aaron Lewis. 5856 reads. Share:

A new widget that lists items that have dropped on raids, newest first, has been added.  You can head to your Control Panel -> Site Pages and select a page you'd like to add it to, then click the Add Widget tab.  It's listed as "Recent Raid Drops."

Also, the WYSIWYG editor has had some selectors added along the top, for you to select different modes that might make more sense, depending upon what you're editing.  For example, for most content, either the Wysiwyg/Html or BbCode modes make the most sense, BbCode being your best bet if you're posting from most mobile devices.  

However, if you're making use of jQuery or applying some other neat effects to your site (as an admin, since only admin-level content enables it), the Raw/Script view will help immensely.  It applies no formatting, so it won't strip it out, or in any other way mess around with your custom code.