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Posted 10/21/2009 2:37 PM by Aaron Lewis. 133016 reads. Share:

Quite a lot going out with tonight's code push:
  • Cookies!  We're not sharing them, though.  You can have the rest of the stuff on the list.  They're soft and gooey, by the way.
  • Sent items will correctly display read/unread status moving forward.
  • The topic tools drop-down menu will now work correctly for all items.
  • The WYSIWYG editor will no longer strip out script tags when moving between Design and HTML modes.  Keep in mind that it will strip out script tags if you are not editing an administrative-level item, such as a welcome message or Freeform Custom HTML box.
  • Forum searching will no longer only search the first forum in the drop-down list.  In fact, the drop down list has been tossed into the back of a van and... well... we probably won't hear from it again.  By default, forum searches now cover all forums the user doing the searching has access to.
  • The web-based mail center has had the UI updated some.
  • Problematic text in the descriptions of members contained in the GPHelper LUA file should now .. not be problematic.

Posted 10/19/2009 3:57 PM by Aaron Lewis. 9538 reads. Share:

Aion Server Information has been added, and provides animated charts that give different views on the balance of power on your legion's server.  By default, it's an alternate view on the Aion integrated roster, and is available via link once you've got integration set up through Control Panel -> Aion Integration.  It is also available stand-alone, for placement anywhere on your site.  Here's a snap:

Aion Server Info Content Type

Many fixes/tweaks are going live with tonight's push, as well:
  • When a guild disables alliance shouts, it's now a two-way street.  You won't see theirs, and they won't see yours.
  • Banner ads for free sites will no longer appear twice towards the top of the page when certain layout options are chosen.
  • The info section viewer no longer centers all contents, and will more correctly apply guild styles.
  • Forwarding a message in web-based mail now does what it's supposed to.
  • The new tree view for selection of multiple recipients of web-based mail will now attempt to glean acceptable color settings for display from your custom CSS.
  • The library categories display now sucks less.

Posted 10/9/2009 2:00 PM by Aaron Lewis. 7194 reads. Share:

Alliance shouts are now in place, so you may now yell at your closest allies.  By default, they are enabled. You (guild admins) can disable them by clicking the edit button under the shout box and clicking Display Options.  It's a checkbox in there.

Aion Legion Status, a new content type, is now available for Aion legions.  It's based off the same mojo as the automatic roster goodies.  Also, while it will be a default content type moving forward, Aion legions that have already been set up will need to add the content type if they want it (Control Pane -> Pages and Content -> Pick a Page and Add Content).  Here's a snap:

Also, sites using the Nav Bar Builder (Control Panel -> Style Tools -> Nav Bar Builder) can now specify where they want the Login/Characters and Settings links to display.  Options are: default (very top of the page, Under Nav Bar, and Above Nav Bar).  Here's an example of a site with it set to display under the nav bar:

Finally, for free sites using the Nav Bar style of navigation (aka Straight Bar), advertisements will now appear after the nav bar, so as not to nasty up your banner layout.

So, that'll be it for new dev for the week.  This'll be an early code push, going out about 10 minutes after I save this update.  We'll resume on Monday with more goodies.  Have a great weekend and, as always, thank you for making GuildPortal your guild's home on the web!

Posted 10/8/2009 4:54 PM by Aaron Lewis. 12006 reads. Share:

Lots of stuff included with the code push tonight.  Mostly maintenance:
  • Tooltips added to a bunch of places where they were missing.
  • A javascript bug that was causing tooltips to not show up intermittently has been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented Aion auto-roster integration from working when the guild had under 13 members was fixed.  Pure gremlin stuff, that was.
  • A link to "your blog" has been added to the recent blogs content type.
  • When a page background image was set to centered, the image previously centered itself relative to the browser window, vertically as well as horizontally.  It's not what most people would expect (because it just wasn't right), so it now centers the background image horizontally only.
  • Hovering over game news items now produces a tooltip preview of the contents.
  • The content editor window has been made bigger across the board, thanks to an all-natural, window-enhancing supplement.
  • A new video that explains how to embed tooltips to items, quests, npcs, etc. for many games has been published.

Posted 10/6/2009 3:57 PM by Aaron Lewis. 5866 reads. Share:

Aion automatic roster integration is complete!  Aion legions just need to head into their control panel and click Aion Integration to get started.

Also, an updated version of the GPHelper add-on for WoW is available, which will get rid of the errors some have been experiencing with the current one.