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Posted 10/10/2012 9:59 AM by Aaron Lewis. 723591 reads. Share:

Many enhancements have been incrementally rolled out since the last release announcement. I'll summarize what's been going on, minus a lot of the minor bug fixes:
  • New Feature Promotion Letters. Whenever a member is promoted to a higher level, you can replace the default system-sent mail with your own custom one, and you can have a unique letter for every level. For example, you can have a different letter sent when someone is promoted to member versus when someone is promoted to officer or council. Get started with promotion letters in Control Panel General Promotion letters or Guild Bar Admin Member Management Promotion Letters.
  • Enhancement New World of Warcraft roster with in-game WoW Guild Achievements. Configuration-free, fast sorting and filtering, more frequently updated, real thumbnails of your characters.. Stay tuned, more new stuff for WoW is on the way.
  • Enhancement WYSIWYG editor file selection/uploading. The editor tool for selecting an image has been revamped to function much like the file manager in the Control Panel. However, you now have additional buttons: one to add media (sound, video, etc) and another to add Flash content. All three tools allow for direct upload while editing your content.
  • New Feature User uploads from WYSIWYG Editor. Previously, there was no way for members to upload images or any other media for use in their forum posts. Now, they have access to the three tools mentioned above, but all of their uploads are stored in a special sub-directory off the guild root with the format /MemberUploads/memberid. That is their root directory, and they can create sub-directories, drag-and-drop copy files, and directly edit images (add text, skew, rotate, crop, etc). They cannot, however, see the guild root folder or navigate to the root of other guild member folders.
  • Enhancement Page Footer. The old page footer had a pretty low limit on the number of characters it allowed. This limitation has been eased up, and you may now also specify a background gradient fade and the top edge color and size for the footer area. If you want a solid color instead of a gradient, just select the same color for both the start and end colors. Control Panel Style Tools Page Footer or Guild Bar Admin Site Customization Footer.
  • Css For those who use custom CSS, the class for the new footer area is gp5-footer.
  • Enhancement 8 new GuildWars 2 themes have been added.
  • Maint Some of you may have noticed the new error reporting form you are taken to when you encounter a run-time error. Many of you who have, have filled out the "what were you doing when the error happened" field, and I just wanted to drop a quick "thank ya" for doing so. The details you provide, along with the actual error details, are both put together to automatically create a new support ticket, which is assigned directly to -- waaaaaaaait for it -- development. Anyway, it makes getting to the cause of a problem much easier and has resulted in many hotfixes over the past month! Oh, and to the individual who typed in "I was sleeping".. lol
Finally, a bunch of bugs were fixed.

Posted 7/13/2012 4:12 PM by Aaron Lewis. 393160 reads. Share:

Here are the highlights from this week's update:
  • One-on-one chat now works across public-side (meaning just browsing around GuildPortal), blogs, and guild pages. You'll be notified of chat requests no matter where you are.
  • Posts now have a link along the bottom for forum moderators/admins that lets them move the post to another forum/topic of their choosing.
  • Inbox messages now show up on the /m (mobile) versions of your sites.
  • The guild chat link again displays the count of people in chat.
  • A new widget, called "Available Achievements and Medals," has gone live. It lists the achievements from the guild that members may earn, medals they may be awarded, and also GuildPortal achievements that are available.
  • The "Wall" and "About Me" links are now back on the profile page.
  • Some more work has been put into the Dev Status pages. Next week's milestone is empty, but that just because this week's kept me busy up until the very end. I'll be filling it in on Monday.
  • RSS links have been added to the issue comments so you can subscribe and be notified when issues you are interested have updates to their status.
  • The member editor's "Characters" tab for each member now displays a link indicating whether that character is blocked from display on the roster. It also allows you to toggle block status.
  • The member editor grid displays more rows now.
  • Achievements (all three kinds) now display on the "About Me" page of member blog sites.
  • The roster blocks that were mysteriously applying themselves to innocent victims have been slain.
  • A bug causing the forum moderators editor to come up blank has been fixed.
That's all for now!

Posted 4/1/2011 8:52 AM by Aaron Lewis. 15971 reads. Share:

Many changes this week!
  • New: Rift tooltips for items, abilities, and just about everything are now live and fully integrated into the WYSIWYG editor! Many thanks to ZAM for providing this functionality!
  • New: System-wide achievements are now live. These are apart from the custom guild achievement system, and can be viewed by clicking any site member's link.
  • Fixed: Preference/setting changes were not always appearing to update immediately.
  • New: The bank admin UI (specifically in the areas of managing items and item requests) has been cleaned up.
  • Fixed: When an item request was approved for an item with a quantity greater than one, the system was not multiplying the number of DKP to deduct by the number of items in the stack.
  • New: The Rift Server Status widget now has a background image, which can be set to the Guardian or Defiant logo by clicking Edit under the widget.
  • New: A new widget called Rift Search has gone live, and integrates directly with ZAM for all your Rift-searching needs. There are three display modes for it, and you can choose the one you prefer by clicking Edit under the widget. By default, this will appear on all new Rift sites.
  • Fixed: The image selector used throughout the Control Panel was not opening the window to select images that were available in guild storage.

Posted 9/8/2010 12:33 PM by Aaron Lewis. 138653 reads. Share:

A new widget is available for World of Warcraft guilds, called " Ranking." It integrates with the popular web site to provide ranking data on your guild. Add the widget to one of your pages and edit it for further information on configuring integration (the folks at WoWProgress have made it really, really easy with GuildPortal-specific instructions on their side, as well).

Also, achievements are now retro-actively, and automatically, awarded to associate-level and above members of guild sites. There was a lot of confusion surrounding when achievements were awarded -- they were awarded when an exact trigger value for was hit, not when above -- so it's been changed to work in a more sensible way.

Posted 5/17/2010 2:48 PM by Aaron Lewis. 5678 reads. Share:

A new widget called Aion Abyss Status is available for Aion guilds.  It can be added to any of your pages through the Control Panel by selecting Pages and Content, selecting a page, clicking Add Widget, and then selecting Aion Abyss Status from the drop-down list of available widget types.

Other updates:
  • A bug in the banner builder causing banner background images to not save their enabled setting has been fixed.
  • The Achievements widget, when displayed on the side of a page, will now automatically go into paging mode.
  • A LUA parsing problem with the GPHelper add-on for World of Warcraft has been fixed.  It is not necessary to re-install the add-on, as the error was server-side.

Posted 4/8/2010 12:48 PM by Aaron Lewis. 11751 reads. Share:

A new Achievements system is going live with today's code push.  From the Control Panel, click Member Management, and then Achievements.

Achievements are configured by administrators to automatically award members of your site for their participation on the site. You can choose from the different types of actions to reward achievements for, such as: new posts, replies to posts, voting, adding shouts, sending in item requests, reading library articles, adding story chapters, participating in chat, and more.

You can also set the threshold for awarding, and even have multiple achievements for different thresholds of the same activity.  For example, you can have an achievement for 10 posts, then another for 50 posts, etc.

To go along with this, there is a new widget available for you to add to any guild page.  It's called, "Achievements."  It will display a listing of recent achievement earners on your site, and adapts itself to which container you place it within.  If you have it in the center of your page, it'll display wider, with a bit more information.  If it's in one of the side containers, it'll display in a list.

Clicking on a user's name from various other widgets will also now show their achievements.

Tracking of progress towards achievements started yesterday, so if you were to add an achievement now for posting more than 10 times, it will not add achievements for all of your members who have posted more than 10 times.  It is in effect only moving forward.  If you want to start completely over from now, the Achievements section of the Control Panel also offers the ability to reset all progress for all members to zero.