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Posted 4/16/2012 4:32 PM by Aaron Lewis. 148902 reads. Share:

Today's update includes the following:
  • A rendering fix for the iPhone (things were getting squished!).
  • The addition of tagging functionality to the custom status change notifications for calendar events. You can now include [username], [eventname] and [eventdateandtime] in your notifications, and they will be dynamically replaced in the messages that are sent out to the recipient.
  • A bug that caused the custom emoticons section of the control panel to go all whacky has been fixed.
  • Forum icons now align more towards the top, by the forum title. This will help with forums that have a lot of sub-forums.
  • Sub-forum icons will now show up when viewing them alongside the topics listing of their parent forum.
  • The standard roster will no longer show characters without names.
  • The control panel has been cleaned up a bit.
  • Blogs now support custom CSS + HTML.

Posted 3/30/2012 5:43 PM by Aaron Lewis. 26049 reads. Share:

Big enhancements to the calendar system have been made over the past couple of weeks! Here's what's been done:

Event Submissions : Associate-level and higher members of your site are now able to submit events for approval by events admins. When they view the calendar, they have a new button in the top right-hand corner:

When they submit the event, event admins are notified via web mail. When they go to the calendar, if there are any submissions pending, they see the following:

Clicking the button shows them the details of the event, and gives them the option to Approve, Approve and Edit, or Reject the submission.

Simplified Sign-Up: Signing up to an event no longer requires multiple steps. Members can now sign up directly while viewing the event:

In-Line Sign-Up Admin: Like the sign-ups, administrating status and role of sign-ups by event admins has been simplified to a couple of drop-down boxes that appear in-line while viewing the event:

Enter Loot Drops from the Event: Entering drops for an event used to require several steps. Now, it's right there in the event view and much more efficient:

Enter / select the item that dropped. If you start typing the name of the item, a drop-down appears with matching items that have dropped for your guild previously. You can then use your arrow keys or mouse to select any match, or just type in the name of the item if it's something that hasn't dropped before:

Selection of the person who received the item works in the same way. You begin typing, and a list appears with matches:

Here's a partial list of the rest of what's been done over the past couple weeks:
  • New topics default to "subscribed."
  • E-mail notification is sent out when you receive web-based mail.
  • Users can delete their own posts unless the admin disallows it by clicking Edit under their forums, Options, and then checking "Disallow users from deleting their own posts."
  • Ventrilo server status was fixed.
  • The calendar now lets you choose between Monday or Sunday as the first day of the week (click Edit under the calendar, go to Display Options, and select the day from the "First Day of Week").
  • Fixed duplicate characters appearing on the default roster.
  • Added two new widgets: Rift Addons: Hottest and Rift Addons: Newest.
  • Event categories now support a background image, which appears on the large calendar display. To configure event categories, click Edit under your calendar, and then Event Categories.
  • Multiple events may now be deleted at once from the calendar editor by checking the boxes and clicking "Delete Selected."
  • The EverQuest 2 auto-roster has been fixed.
  • The forum icon legend now shows if you have custom forum icons, but can be disabled by clicking Edit under your forums, clicking Options, and checking the "Disable forum/topic icon legends" box.
  • Selected character fields now show up in event sign-ups.
  • An asterisk is displayed next to events that you have signed up for in the main calendar view.
  • If there are applicants awaiting approval, the member admin link flashes.
  • Many Web Fonts have been added and can be selected for your widget titles and widget body areas by going to the Control Panel > Style Tools > Content Boxes (Widgets). Not all of the fonts work with Internet Explorer.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes. =)

Posted 2/14/2012 9:45 AM by Aaron Lewis. 20362 reads. Share:

GuildPortal now supports the Mizus RaidTracker third party Add-On for WoW guilds when used with the EQdkp Plus XML export option for loot drops. Because of its superior functionality and popularity, it replaces the GPHelper add-on for this functionality. For more information, open an event follow-up and select the Loot Drops option.

Aside from numerous other minor bug fixes, the following also went live:
  • Event sign-ups are now numbered.
  • "New Activity" link from forums main view shows you new topics since the last time you logged in.
  • Tooltips of most recent posts have been improved, especially for quoted items.
  • "Deleted" shown in sent items next to read status when recipient deleted the item.
  • Selected mail folder now bold.
  • Fixed info section editing problem.
  • Multi-event days now say which event is blocked from sign-ups, or available to be signed up to.
  • Fix for bug when editing an alliance event.

Posted 12/16/2011 8:09 AM by Aaron Lewis. 17302 reads. Share:

  • Multiple choice voting is now available! When creating a new poll, just click the checkbox at the bottom to indicate that it is multiple choice.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Server Status widget is now available to ST:TOR guilds. It displays your server name, up/down status, and current population.
  • The most recent posts count to display has been split out from the regular forum and most recent posts stand-alone widgets, so they can each have their own values.
  • When browsing Site Mods, you now have the option to display only those that are installed on your site.
  • 30 signature backgrounds were added to the signature generator background gallery specifically for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • The crafting marketplace now requires explicit selection of the tradeskill required to make the requested item.
  • The crafting marketplace now displays orders from all approved alliance guilds!
  • The needs list widget now has a new field for "days/times available."
  • The event signup texting reminder is now firing.
  • Section wrapper opacity now allows for more fine-grained selection.
  • There is a new "mailbox" in your mail widgets, called "GuildPortal Updates." It displays these entries, and is there in an effort to better communicate changes to the service to our members.
  • Spaghetti is good with or without meatballs, but better with.

Posted 10/7/2011 1:45 PM by Aaron Lewis. 16886 reads. Share:

On Monday, the following updates will be deployed to live:
  • XML/XSL Transforms where either the XML or XSL files are being loaded from guild storage will work properly.
  • Text filters will function correctly.
  • Voice server purchasing will be fixed for a few guilds that were having trouble with it.
  • The main GP page login control will now correctly say that it's an invalid login if no user name and password are provided, instead of providing no feedback at all (just sitting there, staring back at you).
  • Announcements will now be shown directly on the calendar widgets, instead of being their own listing before the calendar.
In addition, many updates have been made over the past couple weeks that have already been pushed to live:
  • Performance enhancements have been made to the forums and news widgets.
  • Cache duration of guild data has been reduced, causing less of a delay between saving some changes in the control panel and being able to see them appear on your site.
  • Text Messaging functionality has been made available for open beta. Check your Profile settings to see what it's all about!
  • Registration and application completion have been merged into a single page, so that people applying to your site won't think they're done after completing the registration part, and exiting prematurely.
  • New CSS classes have been added to the forums, mostly to facilitate alternating item displays in the post listing.
  • Maximum individual file upload size has been increased from 5 MB to 7 MB.
  • The ability to enter a custom color code, instead of being limited to the drop-down choices provided by the picker, has been enabled for section wrappers.
  • Section wrappers! A new set of options are available in the Control Panel, underneath Style Tools > General Style Settings > Section Wrappers. These enable containers that wrap around elements on your site, such as the navigation bar (if you use it), the content table (where all the widgets are contained), and the footer. While they're attractive in old browsers, they look especially good in CSS3-compliant browsers (most of the latest browsers are CSS3-compliant).
  • By default, signatures will not show in forum posts when the post is by a guest user (non-associate or higher access level). In order to override this behavior, click Edit under your forums widget, then Options, and then "Show non-associate (guest) signatures and thumbnails."

Posted 6/1/2011 12:54 PM by Aaron Lewis. 17699 reads. Share:

  • New: "Newest Members" widget now available. By default this is included below the forums on new guild sites.
  • New: "LOTRO Server Status" widget now available for Lord of the Rings Online guilds.
  • New: Fade animation for background color of grids with alternating colors for odd and even rows. Can be disabled in Control Panel > Style Tools > Content Boxes > Grids.
  • New: It is now possible to add a comment when adding a transaction using the guild funds widget (previously, you had to edit the transaction after creating it).
  • New: Setting the margins at the top and bottom of your banner image is now possible in Control Panel > Style Tools > General > Banner.
  • Updated: "Latest addition" column in the guild bank widget made wider.
  • Updated: Signups table in event view of the calendar now shown with slightly smaller text.
  • Updated: "Edit/Delete" link added to the beginning of each transaction in the guild funds widget.
  • Fixed: When importing drop from a list of previous drops for an event, the description was not being brought over.
  • Fixed: WoW Integrated Rosters were unable to parse for EU guilds.
  • Fixed: Add New Forum window in the forum editor was appearing above the top of the editor in FireFox.
  • Fixed: When posting, the option to subscribe to replies was being ignored.

Posted 4/22/2011 10:42 AM by Aaron Lewis. 14234 reads. Share:

  • New: GuildPortal is now able to import roster data for Rift using the in-game /dumpguild command. Further intructions are in the Control Panel, under Rift Integration.
  • New: Attendance for raids in Rift may now be easily updated using the in-game /dumpraid command. Click Event Follow-up while viewing an event on your calendar for more details.
  • New: A new widget, called "Rift Guild Perks" has been added. Track and display the perks your guild has earned!

Posted 4/8/2011 7:17 AM by Aaron Lewis. 11829 reads. Share:

Hello all! It's update time again, and this week we've got some fixes and an enhancement or two:
  • Fixed: In event follow-up > attendance, updating was only happening if you filled out the form in a specific order (ie, checking the box indicating the member attended before entering the amount of DKP awarded for attending).
  • New: Event admins may now update attendance directly from events. As was the case when setting attendance in follow-up, allied events put the responsibility for tracking attendance and awarding DKP on each guild the event is shared out, allowing for each guild in the alliance to have their own DKP point structure.
  • New: The process that checks for new one-on-one chat requests now updates more frequently.
  • Fixed: Clicking Return to Preview while in drag-and-drop page edit mode wasn't always clearing out the cache, and refreshing the page right away would not always reflect the changes made.

Posted 8/6/2010 2:54 PM by Aaron Lewis. 7500 reads. Share:

  • You are now able to specify an end date/time for events, either through the event editor or by viewing the events in weekly agenda view (on the regular, large Calendar widget) and dragging the bottom of the event to a different end time. Note that you can also drag and drop events on the calendar to change days or start times, as well.
  • The Events List widget, when placed in the center of a page, will now display much like the full calendar, except with only the current week displayed.
  • Icons for custom event categories will now display at 16x16 pixels, instead of 12x12.
  • The File Manager has been cleaned up a bit, and multi-file uploads are back. In addition, auto-optimization of JPG images has been improved quite a bit. If you've tried it in the past and were disappointed with the image quality, give it another try!
  • The Quests widget now lists categories as a selection, instead of just dumping the full list of quests. Got pretty messy there for active questing guilds.

Posted 4/29/2010 2:11 PM by Aaron Lewis. 7013 reads. Share:

It's been a busy week for the GPHelper WoW add-on, for sure.  We're hoping to make up for the frustration with broken download links, invalid "version out of date" messages, and all that by announcing that another new feature has been added.  The add-on will now synchronize your guild website calendar with the one in-game.

Grab and install the latest version of GPHelper from Control Panel (under WoW Integration) and fire up WoW, then poke around your calendar, opening events.  When events are opened, their details are saved out, so the next time you upload your data in the Control Panel (under WoW Integration), your events are added to your guild website calendar.

The synchronization process attempts to avoid duplicates by matching the title of the event with the original date of import.  That way, if you intentionally move an event around to a different time (did you know that event admins can do that by clicking and dragging, directly from the calendar itself?), a duplicate of it won't annoyingly appear on the original date when you synchronize again.

If you'd rather avoid all this manual updating, you can download the GuildPortal Synch application which, for Windows users, keeps your add-on up-to-date with the latest version and uploads your data to your guild website as changes are detected.  You can grab a copy of GuildPortal Synch by going to the GuildPortal home page, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking the link that says "WoW Add-On."

At this time, we are not incrementing the version number or file name of the WoW add-on, so you only need to re-install it if you want the calendar import functionality.  We thought it too soon since the last one to bother everyone with a forced update.  Note that this means GuildPortal Synch will not overwrite your current version either, for those who are already running it, so if you want the new functionality, you'll need to manually install the add-on.

Posted 3/12/2010 1:55 PM by Aaron Lewis. 7020 reads. Share:

The Raid Point Standings widget has been given a boost in functionality with today's code push!  While the widget on a page displays much as it has before, clicking on it will open a dialog with a log of drops the member has paid out DKP for, manual adjustments made by events admins, and a full event attendance history.

In addition, event admins are able to add manual adjustments directly from the dialog (under the "Manual Adjustments" tab).  No need to hunt around in the control panel for that, anymore!

Finally, a new button is visible to event admins when viewing a specific event using the Calendar widget that makes it possible to go directly into event follow-up, without needing to hunt down the event in the calendar widget editor listing.  The link to directly edit the event itself has been converted into a button to make it easier to find, as well.  Both are along the top.

Posted 3/4/2010 11:39 AM by Aaron Lewis. 5600 reads. Share:

Custom Event Roles top the list of items included with tonight's code push.  Click the Edit button under your calendar and then click the "Custom Roles" link at the top of the editor window.  This allows you to add to the list of default event roles like DPS, tank, healer, etc.  In addition, you also have the option to completely replace the default roles and use only your custom-provided ones.  The check box for doing so is located in the same place.

Some bug fixes included in the update:
  • Clicking on Manage Guild Associations for a character will no longer result in a redirect to the GP home page.
  • A blank page will no longer show up when sending new mail from the inbox.
  • Adding a new custom event category, and then immediately adding a new event, will now show the newly-added category (previously, you had to close the window and re-open it).
  • There is now an option in the Control Panel, under Style Settings : Text, that makes it possible to specify the spacing between lines in posts, news, and other areas.
  • More font options have been added to the Control Panel, under Style Settings : Text.
  • Various widgets have had their output modified slightly to make them more uniform with the rest of your site.

Posted 1/4/2010 1:18 PM by Aaron Lewis. 9948 reads. Share:

Members viewing the calendar using IE8 would sometimes need to hit the next/previous arrows in order for the list to show up.  This has been fixed.

In addition, admins can now find previous events more easily in the control panel by using the new search box.

Aside from these items, other bug fixes addressing support tickets have been pushed.

Posted 12/21/2009 11:24 AM by Aaron Lewis. 7462 reads. Share:

Today's code push includes more options for further customizing the new calendar.  To get to the new options, click Edit under the calendar and then go to Display Options, and select the Day Styles tab.  You'll need to enable the styles to change them by clicking the check box at the top.  For each of the available styles (a day in the current month, today's day, and a day in a different month), you can set the backround color, day number color, background image URL, and background image tiling option.

Blog Commenting has been reworked a bit, so that comments may be left directly from the blog home page.  Approval and deletion of comments, by the owner of the blog, is also handled from the blog home page.

Finally, we've included a fix in the push that addresses a problem with editing events that belonged to an event category that was deleted.

Posted 12/16/2009 4:02 PM by Aaron Lewis. 11783 reads. Share:

We're pleased to present you with a new calendar front-end and new custom event categories! Here's what the new calendar offers:
  • Ability to switch between Month, weekly agenda, and daily agenda views.
  • In month view, ability for events admins to drag and drop events to a different day.
  • In weekly and daily agenda views, the ability for events admins to move events to a different day, as well as change the start and end times by dragging to an earlier time slow (to affect the start time) or resizing by using the drag handle under the event to modify the duration of the event.
  • Lots of options!  Highly customizable for non-technical admins via the new Display Options link (click the Edit button under your calendar, it'll appear along the top).
  • Many new CSS classes that give even more control over the appearance of the calendar to the more design-oriented, technical types.
In addition to the new front-end, you now have the ability to define custom event categories.  Click on the Edit button under your calendar and then click the Event Categories link along the top.  Once you have one or more categories set up, you can assign them to events when you're adding/editing them. For each category, you can define the following: 
  • The name of the category (appears in the drop-down list when assigning it to events). 
  • The background color of the event when rendered in the calendar. 
  • The foreground (text) color of the event when rendered in the calendar. 
  • The border color of the event when rendered in the calendar.
  • An optional URL to an icon that will be displayed after the time of the event and before the title of the event (keep in mind this icon will be squeezed down a bit, if necessary, for the calendar to appear correctly).

Posted 11/2/2009 1:53 PM by Aaron Lewis. 9486 reads. Share:

Custom Event/Raid areas are going live with tonight's code push.  Custom Areas provide a way for you to more precisely specify the location of raids/events using your own, events-admin provided info.  You can set the title, a description, a URL to a map, and a URL to a screen shot for each location.

When adding or editing events, you will see a new drop-down under the current selector for game areas that will contain your custom ones.  Any selection of a custom location will override any selection of a system-provided one.  When adding a new area, if it's a game area you believe GP should include in the standard list, please check the "Share newly-added game areas" checkbox in your custom areas editor.

To get starting with this new feature, click the Edit button under your calendar and then click "Custom Areas."