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Posted 7/13/2012 4:12 PM by Aaron Lewis. 393146 reads. Share:

Here are the highlights from this week's update:
  • One-on-one chat now works across public-side (meaning just browsing around GuildPortal), blogs, and guild pages. You'll be notified of chat requests no matter where you are.
  • Posts now have a link along the bottom for forum moderators/admins that lets them move the post to another forum/topic of their choosing.
  • Inbox messages now show up on the /m (mobile) versions of your sites.
  • The guild chat link again displays the count of people in chat.
  • A new widget, called "Available Achievements and Medals," has gone live. It lists the achievements from the guild that members may earn, medals they may be awarded, and also GuildPortal achievements that are available.
  • The "Wall" and "About Me" links are now back on the profile page.
  • Some more work has been put into the Dev Status pages. Next week's milestone is empty, but that just because this week's kept me busy up until the very end. I'll be filling it in on Monday.
  • RSS links have been added to the issue comments so you can subscribe and be notified when issues you are interested have updates to their status.
  • The member editor's "Characters" tab for each member now displays a link indicating whether that character is blocked from display on the roster. It also allows you to toggle block status.
  • The member editor grid displays more rows now.
  • Achievements (all three kinds) now display on the "About Me" page of member blog sites.
  • The roster blocks that were mysteriously applying themselves to innocent victims have been slain.
  • A bug causing the forum moderators editor to come up blank has been fixed.
That's all for now!

Posted 4/18/2012 3:03 PM by Aaron Lewis. 178359 reads. Share:

Going out today:
  • Authenticated RSS feeds (for the guilds that use them) have had their token system changed. You will need to update your links. 
  • Forum read/unread icons sometimes not displaying correctly should be fixed. 
  • The Star Wars: The Old Republic server status widget has been updated to work with the changes they made to their site. 
  • Blog links and posting are now working correctly. 
Now, for the boo-boo. Yesterday, I put a trigger on the Shouts table of the database that fired when a new shout was entered. The idea was, it would take the oldest shouts over the count of 50 and delete them. Kind of a self-cleaning thing, for performance. Only, I pulled the ones to be deleted back in the wrong date order. The result was, the trigger ended up wiping the newest 50 shouts. 

I'm very, very sorry about that. 

Posted 10/14/2010 3:44 PM by Aaron Lewis. 137960 reads. Share:

The GPHelper add-on for World of Warcraft (Control Panel -> WoW Integration) has been updated to the latest WoW patch.

The Raid Point Standings widget, when in the center pane on one of your pages, will now display a list of characters belonging to each member. Also, if they have set a forum handle, it will display that instead of their account name.

Finally, there was an issue with more than one RSS feed on a page. This has been fixed.

Posted 9/2/2010 9:07 AM by Aaron Lewis. 11181 reads. Share:

Guild admins now have the ability to enable RSS feeds for their guilds that will provide more than just public-level data. Whenever a member of a guild site clicks on any of the RSS links, they are presented with a list of available feeds. If guild admins have checked "Allow Authenticated RSS" in the Control Panel > General Settings > General, the links will contain a key specific to that user, so that when they paste the RSS link into their reader, they will be able to see information that they would be able to see when actually logged into the site.

The reason RSS links now display a page with available feeds instead of directly opening the feed is to prevent accidental copying and pasting of an entire page with the sensitive links in them. Also, when this functionality is enabled, users are warned to never share their specific key with anyone else. Admins who are concerned about this should simply not enable "Allow Authenticated RSS," and all RSS feeds will only display public-level data.

In addition to this new functionality, two new types of feeds have been added: Shouts and Upcoming Events.