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Posted 7/9/2008 7:21 AM by Sidhel. 670 reads. Share:

My Welcome Plant didn't turn up at the Spider last night. Ah well. I hope it didn't get ruined last week. Reedeep didn't seem too upset that it had gone missing, but he was pretty preoccupied because Phemme was there.

I ended up tending bar again at the end of the night. I hate tending bar! Ever since I almost poisioned everyone at the Hookah that one time. How was I to know Lita kept her old shissa water under the bar by the whiskey! I don't drink, I don't know what it should look like... It was mostly uneventful, but Abaja seemed to think that my lack of bartending skill was a character defect of mine that needs to be remedied. I am willing and able to do anything else needed in the tavern, and have no problem jumping in when needed, but I have other strengths that can best serve the Spider. I encouraged everyone to drink water, and that seemed to work great.

Tosta once again impressed me with her patience and good advice in dealing with a heartbroken Arsai that seemed dead set upon misery. Oh, and Mnekurae showed up, threatened to eat me, threw a pie at me, and PIERCED my septum! She also cuffed me on the back of the head, but she was proving the point I was trying to make. She gave me a minotaur ring, and told me to "work up to it". The minotaur ring is too huge for my nose, but I did find a small ring that fit in the hole she made. It's almost imperceptible, and no one has noticed yet. I think it's a good reminder that life is, indeed, pain, and am grateful to Mneu for her impromptu lesson.

Of course, she then threw water on me and took off, so... who knows.

I'm also trying to talk Alandro into moving to Qeynos. He's so young and determined to make a difference that he thinks Freeport is the only place he can do it. I tried to show him that Qeynos has its poor and needy, and that they need help just as much as those of Freeport, but his points were valid. I suppose I can keep smuggling him into Qeynos, but the guard is starting to catch on.