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Posted 3/3/2010 9:35 PM by Kmichaels. 558 reads. Share:

What are the chances....

The service I used for kcds 2.0 is the same one our very first guild used in 2007. Lost In Eternity was entertaining. I can't believe my 3 forum posts are still here. LOL

Posted 1/30/2007 7:11 PM by Kmichaels. 176 reads. Share:

Amellae & I watched Atticuz duel it out w/ Concstance each using the same weapon. (We had some extra time and Atti was helping us w/ a quest anyway.)

I hope to get some good captures and post them in this blog going forward. We'll see how good my follow-through is in the days to come. If anyone would like my original copies of any of these in 1440 x 900 let me know. They're about 3.6 MB each. I shrank them down so they could be more easily viewed.

Posted 1/28/2007 4:51 PM by Kmichaels. 200 reads. Share:

Yes, the cake was good!

Got a new 2H sword and watched Atti duel some chick. I took some screenshots. I'll toss them up on a site and attach a hyperlink later.

Posted 1/25/2007 3:11 PM by Kmichaels. 196 reads. Share:

Apparently someone at Blizzard didn't bother to ask me if I would mind if he/she messed with the Draka server tonight. WELL I DID! Amellae is playing online and I'm stuck folding clothes. Grr.

UPDATE: In 8 minutes everyone (which is Am & Seph only) will be booted and the network technician is going to restart the server. I'd better be able to get on!

Other than that, all is good today! :)