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Posted 2/22/2011 7:33 PM by Nasamun. 491 reads. Share:

Well, we downed the first boss in Baradin's Hold tonight. Three wipes but he finally went down. Had three people dead, including G, when he went down. I think I had to single heal the group from about 20% down. I don't remember. All I know is that I was tapped out when he dropped and didn't have the mana to rez anyone at first. PVP hunter leggings and DK gloves dropped. Lyre took the pants and we DE'd the gloves.

It was sloppy but we won. We're going to have to get better if we're going to down harder bosses. I still have no set raid group yet. Not enough consistancy of who's on and when. We're low on melee dps. I have Wari as a constant melee dps. That's it. I have myself and two other heals, Guillerma and Toffer. I guess we'll see what happens.

Posted 12/20/2010 8:20 AM by Nasamun. 256 reads. Share:

Wow long time since I've written anything here. So the Cataclysm has come. The world has changed and Nas is 85.

We didn't get Arthas before Cataclysm which is sad but it is what it is. The rest of the guild is catching up and we'll be running dungeons and heroics non stop soon for gear and loot, looking to make our way into the first raid maybe in a month. I don't wanna push anyone. I'd rather they get to sit back and see the beautiful work Blizz put together for us.

My complaints w/ Cataclysm:
The nerf to guild XP was a little harsh. Only people it really hurt was the small guilds. The uber sized guild are still going to cap every day. We're not. Again, it is what it is and we'll get where we need to be eventually.

I could use some more dailies to run. I dont like the ones in Tol Barad. I do 16 a day without them.

Finding Obsidium is a pain in the tail. nuff said.

The Good things: (end on a positive note, right?)

Some of the new quest mechanics were great. I'm on a shark, eating Naga, Bowling for Gnome with a 10' plasma ball. Yeah they were great.

Flying in Azeroth. Totally cool. I find little nooks and things all the time now.

The new 3 and 5 point skillups when crafting. New incentive to make that weapon that requires a bunch more mats.

My guild. They're a great bunch of guys and gals. They know how to have fun without screwing it up for others. That's top notch right there and better than any first kill hardmode Mach 3 flying mount. :P

Posted 1/8/2009 9:56 AM by Nasamun. 168 reads. Share:

Well I had thought to take Palun back to Ret for a while just have some fun while leveling. It was fun. I'd grab a mob and poof it would crumble. So on Friday night the Scooby gang plus Rob's mage decide we're going to knock out UK so Tim could see the end boss dead. I figure eh, I'll put on some prot gear and go play tank. We pulled it off for most of the instance but it was a lot harder than we thought. Kev had a hard time keeping me up..(he's new to  healing and doesn't use healbot).... We used a lot of CC to keep the mobs from ripping me a new one.

Finally we get to the last boss and we wipe. I'm tired of getting the crap beat out of me, so I tell Rob to open a portal to IF. I step through and respec to Prot. I run down to the bank to grab my gear...hmmm missing some to the AH to finish out my gear. Well my HP jump about 6k and my Def was now back up to 390 which for crummy gear I think was good for a lvl 73.

Well we step back into the instance and low and behold it has reset...grrrr. So we start over, I pull the first two mobs and when they're dead, Kev over vent goes "Did you take any dmg?" Welcome back to being prot. We literally ran back through the instance, only stopping at bosses and to mana and buff up. The last boss...I think he was crying before he died. So some nice loot was aquired along with some shards for the bank.

So now Palun is 74 and getting fitted for Saronite gear. I'm pulling 10 or 12 mobs at a time and burning them down. I'm back to enjoying a prot pally again. :)

Posted 12/31/2008 6:35 AM by Nasamun. 217 reads. Share:

So last night was unexpected. I had planned on getting Nas's blacksmithing to 440 so I could start working the Titansteel recipes. I had enough mats to get me to 438 so I headed out to Icecrown to makes some Saronite passes.

While making laps someone asked in General if anyone needed the Riders quests. So I jumped in on that and knocked that questline out. Nice questline with OK loot. Said my thanks and went on to looking for ore. Few minutes later, the same guy was asking for some help with the Scarlet Onslaught. I offered to help and  we knocked that out.

Right as we finished, I get a whisper asking if I was Holy. I said yes and then was asked if I could Heal for Obsidian Sanctum. I wasn't sure I was up for a Raid Instance but said ok. I'm glad I did. I got my Tier 7 gloves...with a roll of 30. I also received the Loot Bag which had 5 Badges in it.

I have to say that was one of the coolest things ever. I wasn't main healer as that was left to a Resto Druid who had very impressive numbers, but I was pumping out 1300 on the heal-o-meter. A lot of overhealing which with Beacon of Light running the whole time go figure.

Anyways to the group that brought me in last night. Thank you very much!!!