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Rants and raves of a LotRO player...

Posted 12/7/2009 8:22 PM by Valdaglerion. 1952 reads. Share:

Wayyyyy back in 2002 (forever in game terms), I began beta testing Star Wars Galaxies.  It may have been a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away but even then, housing was a thousand times better than what we have years later in LotRO. I understand that the world of SWG was much larger, so it’s understandable that we can’t simply plop down houses in Middle Earth as we could in SWG.  It’s the interior of the homes that I’m disgusted with.

In SWG, we could drop ANY item in our inventory and move it to ANY location in the home.  Large homes initially held 250 items at that time and that was later increased to 450.  So, wayyyy more than the few items we can put into deluxe houses in LotRO.

Dev posts in the LotRO forums seem to indicate that they grudgingly added housing.  It was something they felt they had to have but now that they have it it’s not important enough to improve it.  They couldn’t be more wrong.

House decoration in SWG became a game within the game.  Many hours were spent gathering just the right decorations and “cool items” for our abode, then putting them in just the right spot.  I can’t tell you how long I spent arranging the chairs around a single table to give it that lived in look!

Players spent dozens of hours making fish tanks out of unrelated objects that they cobbled together into something different.  Tough quests were pursued in order to obtain just the right trinket to display and most of these were not designed as “housing items”, they were just game items which looked too cool not to display.

And that was just one house.  In SWG, a layer could have MORE than one house!

Aside from my own homes, hundreds of hours were spent in other players’ homes.  Because decorating options were so vast, it was WORTH checking out other homes for ideas.  Stop by any home in Middle Earth and you’ll recognize every object in it.  Not the case in SWG…

I love LotRO and sincerely hope that the devs will one day improve the housing system.  Hell, it needs a complete redesign to bring it up to modern gaming standards, not just a little polish.  That isn’t going to happen, though, until they realise how much GOOD housing can add to the game.  That won’t happen until we all speak up…