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Rants and raves of a LotRO player...

Posted 11/2/2011 12:02 PM by Valdaglerion. 8234 reads. Share:

Also known as "bitches of the webmaster"!

GuildPortal is a great site with lots of features.  From looking at other websites here, it's apparent to me that I use more of those features than most webmasters.  Why, you ask?  I want our website to be a very useful tool to all of our members.  I want them to WANT to drop by, learn what's going on and socialize a bit.


It can be quite frustrating when I'm repeatedly reminded that the average member uses very little of the site.

I spend many hours every week combing the 'Net for information my guildies might find useful.  When I do, I make sure to update the news page, forums, shout box, etc.  Just when I'm patting myself on the back for doing something members are SURE to get some use out of, someone will remind me that I'm living a fantasy.  A member will ask about something that has been available in our forums for weeks.  That article I dripped sweat over didn't even catch their eye.


I don't intend to stop working hard to make our website a home on the web but I'm definitely going to have to find some humor in the laziness of guild mates.  That or hit 'em with a stick!