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Posted 4/15/2008 8:15 AM by chefricochet. 1126 reads. Share:

    Sail Away, away,
     Ripples never come back;
    They've gone to the other side,
      Oh, Sail away away
   The face in the water looks up,
      And she shakes her head, as if to say;
      It's the last time you'll look like today.
    Angels never know it's time,
      To close the the book,
      And gracefully decline,
       It happens, you know.
      Oh, they've gone to the other side.
   Sail away, away
      Ripples never come back;
      You climb to the bottom,
      To get to the top,
      To see where they have gone;
      Oh, sail away, away.
   Look into the pool,
      They've gone the other side,
      Ripples never come back
      Come Back!!!
    They've gone to the other side...

     In memory of my dear brother Gregg