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It has been weeks since the Eored left for their journey south, and Eochain had never thought he would have felt the lonliness that now crept over him.  His departure with the company had been delayed - the Marshal could wait no longer and needed to press south.  Eochain understood but how he regretted the decision.  Now he followed behind them.  Always wondering whether the next specks on the horizon would be the rearguard of his Eored.  He tracked their path as best he could and the trail led him up the winding valley to a sheer rock wall on the western side of the Misty Mountains.  Moria it was called.  A short name for such a large horror.  Had the Marshal chosen this way?  He noticed the signs nearby of a battle.  Horse prints were all along the shore and Eochain gasped as he noticed floating in the water several dead horses, but what further disturbed the hunter was the discovery of five graves, too fresh for anything to have grown upon them.  Eochain stood beside them and wondered whether these were from his kinsfolk, or some other poor travellers, but now the feeling of lonliness overwhelmed him completely and he stood rooted for many an hour.