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Blondiee the Ice Lady

Posted 10/10/2012 4:48 PM by Blondiee. 85 reads. Share:

Blondiee has been asked how she got the character name, what prompted me ( the human ) to make up her name.  Originally a friend in Wow had a lady he plays with who needed to be cheered up. When this player began calling me blondie on another toon, my sense of humor took a leap and the decision to make her laugh alot decided my course.  Blondiee was the closest I could come to making that name serve a greater purpose, to spread some laughter wherever this mage goes.  So guys and gals, Ice Lady - the Blondiee you know so well, was created to bring laughter and joy to others.  Hope you laugh as we play together and just have FUN!