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12/21/2009 11:24 AM by Aaron Lewis

Today's code push includes more options for further customizing the new calendar.  To get to the new options, click Edit under the calendar and then go to Display Options, and select the Day Styles tab.  You'll need to enable the styles to change them by clicking the check box at the top.  For each of the available styles (a day in the current month, today's day, and a day in a different month), you can set the backround color, day number color, background image URL, and background image tiling option.

Blog Commenting has been reworked a bit, so that comments may be left directly from the blog home page.  Approval and deletion of comments, by the owner of the blog, is also handled from the blog home page.

Finally, we've included a fix in the push that addresses a problem with editing events that belonged to an event category that was deleted.

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