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Change Log

Recent GuildPortal Updates

1/21/2010 3:48 PM by Aaron Lewis

Because it was being a pesky, quirky thing, Guild Chat has been completely rewritten.  Aside from everything working the way it should, it has had some niceties added:

  • Notification by "System" when a user enters or leaves the room.
  • Sound Effects (which can be disabled using the checkbox to the lower right) when new chat comes across.
  • No longer brings itself to the front of all other browser windows. We had a long talk with it, gently explaining that it might not be the most important thing you're doing on the web at any given moment.
  • Allows the playing of a (currently) small list of available sound effects using the /sound sound_name_here command. Current list includes things like machine_gun, kiss, phone_ringing, rifle_shot, baby_cry_1, baby_laugh (to cheer up the kid from baby_cry_1), and, of course, flushing_toilet. Some sort of listing system for available commands and sounds will be coming.
Also, the Control Panel has had some issues addressed, informally, with a crowbar to the back of the neck.

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