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4/8/2010 12:48 PM by Aaron Lewis

A new Achievements system is going live with today's code push.  From the Control Panel, click Member Management, and then Achievements.

Achievements are configured by administrators to automatically award members of your site for their participation on the site. You can choose from the different types of actions to reward achievements for, such as: new posts, replies to posts, voting, adding shouts, sending in item requests, reading library articles, adding story chapters, participating in chat, and more.

You can also set the threshold for awarding, and even have multiple achievements for different thresholds of the same activity.  For example, you can have an achievement for 10 posts, then another for 50 posts, etc.

To go along with this, there is a new widget available for you to add to any guild page.  It's called, "Achievements."  It will display a listing of recent achievement earners on your site, and adapts itself to which container you place it within.  If you have it in the center of your page, it'll display wider, with a bit more information.  If it's in one of the side containers, it'll display in a list.

Clicking on a user's name from various other widgets will also now show their achievements.

Tracking of progress towards achievements started yesterday, so if you were to add an achievement now for posting more than 10 times, it will not add achievements for all of your members who have posted more than 10 times.  It is in effect only moving forward.  If you want to start completely over from now, the Achievements section of the Control Panel also offers the ability to reset all progress for all members to zero.

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