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4/15/2010 12:08 PM by Aaron Lewis

A new widget called "WoW Server Status" is available for you to add to any of your site's pages, if you're a WoW guild playing on a US server.  At the moment there's no feed we know of for the EU and Russian server status info that we can tap into, so that's why you're left out for the time being.  To add it, open the Control Panel, got to Pages and Content, click on a page, then click Add Widget.  It's in there, all alphabetical-like.

Clicking edit for it (either from the CP or a page) will bring up a thingy with another thingy inside it that lets you pick whether to use an alliance or horde skin.  The whole thing's based Mottie's work, so if you're in the mood to bake some cookies, he's all about that.

Bunch of other stuff went live, too.  Bug fixes.  Stuff like that.  Nothing interesting.  Gonna go take a nap now.

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