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4/16/2010 2:47 PM by Aaron Lewis

That's right, the feature list just had triplets!

  1. Member of the Month. With this widget placed on any of your site's pages, members can vote on other members that they feel deserve being called the member of the month (or called out, depending on your guild's particular type of humor). It also allows people to see who's getting the votes for the current month, but doesn't show them from whom the votes are coming. That would lead to harassment, bullying, and eventually, blood in the streets.
  2. Random Member. Operates a bit like the Member of the Month, only completely different. There's no voting involved. The person displayed is completely arbitrary. Computer-selected. It does allow the entry of a short bio that is specifically between your members and your site, and it's displayed along with them.
  3. External Voice Server. Alright, not really a feature so much as a patch to help with the confusion that resulted from us offering Ventrilo server hosting. If you have your Ventrilo (or other) voice server hosted by someone else, you'll probably want to use this widget to paste in any "Server Status" scripts they provide you, to display who's currently logged in and all that. It also gets around that problem you used to have with scripts being too long, by replacing the old way they were stored with a bigger field in the database.

To add any of these widgets to a page on your site, head to the Control Panel, click Pages and Content (Widgets), pick a page, and then click the Add Widget tab.

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