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Change Log

Recent GuildPortal Updates

4/30/2010 3:00 PM by Aaron Lewis

First, the Recent Topics Stand-Alone widget has been added.  While the forums currently have a listing of the most recently added posts (and there's a stand-alone widget for it, as well), this new one lists the most recently added topics.

Next, the Silverlight gallery that was previously only accessible by first opening the full gallery and then clicking a link is now its own widget (it's listed at Image Gallery: Silverlight).

Finally, the vast majority of pseudo pop-up windows that open when you edit content have been banished in favor of more traditional ones.  This decision was made because you couldn't edit content and then refresh the page you were working on by itself to see the changes.  With normal pop-ups, you can.

Finally, when editing widgets, you can now edit the title of the container in the same editor, instead of having to go through the Control Panel.

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