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6/15/2010 3:28 PM by Aaron Lewis

Tonight's push is a small one, only containing bug fixes for support tickets -- with one exception.

The main forum listing is a table, and previously, each cell (TD) contained a DIV that had the class name applied to it. So the cell containing the icon would be a TD with no CSS class, but it would have a DIV with a class of "ForumIconCell." Same way with ForumTitleCell, ForumTopicCountCell, ForumPostCountCell and ForumLastPostInfoCell.

With tonight's push (going live after I finish typing this up), the class is going to applied to the containing TD, and the interior DIV will be removed. It's a housecleaning thing, but I thought I'd let you know in case anybody's got custom CSS that's referencing those class names specifically in the context of a container that is a DIV. Note that just having a rule for the class, like .ForumTitleCell, is good enough -- no need to do a "div.ForumTitleCell" or "td.ForumTitleCell."

This will only affect those using custom CSS.

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